dro bud

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by hydro, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. got a quarter (7gm) of this for $90, fuckin sick in the face hits. you take a bong hit and 5 seconds after holding it in your eyes roll back into your head.

  2. sweet looking bud man i want it
  3. beautiful nug... wish i was smokin it
  4. Sweet...that bud looks like a quarter by itself!

    As my buddy Steve Irwin would say "chock-o-block"
  5. Nice bud!

    Where didya get and how much was your pipe?
  6. the pipe i got in lake georgy ny for 20$ it broke right after i took the pic. i was blazed and dropped it off a magazine. bought a new one the next day a insideout piece. ill post a pic later..
  7. MMMM yummy! I want to jump thru cyberspace and try some of that! :D Party on,my friend.
  8. What happened? The pic has vanished...

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