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  1. how are you guys w/ driving and smoking, do u drive worse when ur high?
  2. i drive and smoke all the time. i find sometimes i drive worse and sometimes i drive better. its not that i swerve around it that i lose my concentration and stuff. its not all that bad ill just be driving and then be like i dont remember the last ten minutes
  3. yeah, i know what you mean. but in reality its like 4-5 seconds. and you are thinking that you thought for 10-20 minutes. and you really arent. anyway, i do drive after smoking. i hate when i just finish smoking and mom will ask me to drive somewhere. and i have to do it. and then talk to people i dont know or something..sucks..

  4. i do it, but i dont like it. actually i used to try to avoid it at all costs, but i got better at it.. still though, i dont think its a good idea..

  5. I have driven a few times while stoned and felt very OK with it. I have a stoner acquaintance who likes to smoke while driving. She has this little cigarette looking pipe that she uses. I would probably never smoke WHILE driving because I drive stick, and I don't like to have to be holding on to anything. Same reason why I don't use a cell phone while I'm driving.
  6. I drive stoned all of the time...usually I can handle it better than some of my friends....I think sometimes I'm better...sometimes I'm worse. But when I'm worse it's only I forget to go the speed limit..I end up going too slow :D
  7. oh yeah, and i do smoke while driving a good bit. not that hard, im pretty used to it now. just gotta use them knees!!!!

  8. Im 20 times better when i drive stoned.I can drive when im drunk but not to good.I got this friend who drove on acid onetime lol boy was that a trip heh he drove damn good too.

  9. well im getting my liscence about november, when its all slippery out, thats gunna be hard shit
  10. I try not to drive stoned unless I have to. I make sure never to drive when blasted. I can drive fairly well when I got a good buzz going but I lose my concentrationa and sometimes think bushes and stuff turn into people that are watching me. It happens just as I pass them and I have to turn my head back and look to make sure they're not really people. Talk about paranoia.
  11. I drive way better when im high it just putes me in that chill mode so i just kinda drive slower and more mellow. but i always forget where im goin and take wrong turns lol
  12. The other day, I smoked a joint on the expressway. It was alright, by the time I got my buzz on, a bunch of semi trucks were on my ass and i kind of freaked out. Whenever Im high and driving, i have to turn my stereo down, because ig et distracted, like caught up in the music.
  13. im an ace at driving stoned. i guess its just cause me and my buddies thought nothing of it. ive been doing it since i was like 16 and i first got my license. experience comes with age...
  14. I've been doing it more often lately. I've also been practicing my high-speed turning a lot lately, too. A coincidence? I dunno, cuz I really like pushing that slow ass car to its limits.
  15. Hehe I hot boxed my car while driving with some friends.......I can drive perfectly fine, but if people start acting stupid in my car I get pissed off and lose my high....so Usually I only have my five close friends drive with me stoned......But whenever someone asks me to go get wendys or something it literally takes me like 50minutes (well atleast thats what I think).Heheh anyway.....Just be safe on the road, dont try any dumb shit and it'll all be cool.Also, paranoia is a BAD BAD habit to have......If you think your going to have something happen, it usually does because you freak out=D...I was on the highway stoned and was driving.....5 car accident happend right infront of me, I was able to swerve threw all the cars.....Otherwise I would of been a dead man....So my fears are gone with smoking and driving.

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