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Driving with weed..In Canada

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JustinEy, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I live in Canada and was wondering what my rights and all that stuff is for getting pulled over and I have weed on me?

    I am going to be driving around with my friend and I know I probably won't get pulled over but if it ever does happen what can I do to prevent me getting caught?
  2. depends where in canada

    in my area, not bad at all
  3. im in windsor, ontario
  4. If it's anything like Canadian Alcatraz then you're good

  5. im pretty close

    u should be alright, the less crimes in an area the more the cops are willing to bust u for i think
  6. ah where u at?
  7. people drive in canada? i thought you guys rode your mooses everywhere.

  8. Yeah, thats what I meant..theres no real great places to hide my weed on a moose
  9. hide it in your enormous beard, or in the pocket of your flannel shirt. or perhaps taped on the inside of your mountie hat?

  10. LOL :smoke: i actually get amused by all these canadian assumptions
  11. [​IMG]

    p.s. i almost went to school in canada.. just bustin' your balls, eh.
  12. put the weed in your ass.
  13. Random cartoons.:smoke:

    Look it up on wiki for laws and such!
  14. You know as much as I love these things no one has really answered my question
  15. how much are you planning too drive around with?
  16. Well shit, when I'm driving my tractor around the city I usually stash my dope in a brown addressed envelope. This way if you see cherries you can seal it. I'd like to see an officer open someone else' mail legally. An illegal search results in thrown away court evidence.

    Anyway if the cop is a dick he'll charge you. I've seen people get more than one warning before charges. If it's just a small amount you usually won't get screwed over. Don't carry large amounts unless it's strictly an A to B moose ride.

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