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Driving with bong in car?!?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by silentelite, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Ok so when ever I take my bong out my house i wrap it up in a shirt and put it in one of those little mesh bags and put it under the seat of my car. I know its bad to be driving with it regardless but my question is if you get pulled over and searched i know its a paraphernalia charge if the find it with the bowl and resin, but what if its just the bong with no bowl and the bong smells or if its bong and bowl but with no resin?
  2. I am pretty sure you are allowed to have a bong with a bowl in your car, as long as there is not one speck of resin on it and it doesn't smell like bud. I mean it's legal to buy so you should be able to carry it in your car right?

    But if it has resin on it, you are pretty much fucked. They will nail you with some kind of charge.
  3. yeah pretty shitty, if you want to take your bong out then i guess you have to take that risk, other wise smoke joints.
  4. nah, don't do it man
  5. I've done it before. Won't be doin it anymore though.
  6. I mean i spent like 50 bucks on my piece and its pretty big, like 14 inches and i wanna be able to take it out so yeahhh. I guess ima just have to keep it super clean if im driving with it and if i do get pulled over im 17 so i wont have to show my parents the ticket or what not.
  7. epic facepalm .... man dont say your 17 on this site your going to get banned now man :(
  8. If it stinks like bongwater then you're definitely fucked. Nothing smells quite like water that's had weed smoke filtered through it.

    You should get familiar with your rights so you know when the cops have the legal authority to search your car, because if they can mislead you into thinking that they have the legal authority to search your car when they actually don't, and you let them, the fact that you let them can be called consent and there's nothing you can do to contest it, and they do try to catch people that way.

    And you definitely should not drive with weed AND a bong. Get that bong squeaky-clean and drive super-carefully is what I would do.

    EDIT: And I would welcome you to the City but you're going to be banned soon. It's for 18-and-overs. See you in a year. Maybe.
  9. Fail ^
  10. If you get caught it's got to be clean. Or have tobacco/salvia/something legal resin in it.
  11. I ment if i get pulled over im over 17 (19) but still live with my parents
  12. hahah ok man :D ;)
  13. I wouldn't take out a bong bigger then foot, and if you did, and you had a guitar case, make a fake guitar, not really all that hard. The tube of the bong fits in the neck if you make it right, and you can have a decent size bong in it. If a cop opened up the case, he would see a guitar, not the bong inside. My brother had a friend that did this, and the front of it opened up. It ruined the acoustics of the guitar, but he didn't care, he was rich! Looked exactly like a guitar, and took his "guitar" anywhere and it worked perfectly.

  14. LMAO

  15. The ban hammer shall fall on you.
  16. dont give the cops any reason to pull you over.

    and even if they do, and they ask to search your car, just say no. BUT STAY COOL!. if you do consent, they could find it, and you will be arrested for underage possession of paraphernilia

    i have yet to find the lazy cop who will call in for a search warrant if you do not consent to a vehicle search.
  17. Just clean the shit out of your bong whenever you use it and immediately after. Don't get pulled over, you can't get busted unless they actually catch you doing anything wrong. Oh and you could stuff a towel into the tube to kind of muff the smell and protect it. Just look for a legit hiding spot in your car, too; i hide mine under the back part of my extended cab and it's pretty much outside of the truck so it doesn't smell and is almost undetectable.

  18. banhammer
  19. First of all you're getting banned.

    Second of all, it's simple, hit the bong, and don't break the speed limit.
  20. it makes sense that he meant to say he's 19. because he said he doesn't have to show his parents the ticket. this only gets to happen when you're 18+. chill out!! =)

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