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Driving with a scale...?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420dank, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Whats your view on driving with a scale, and a decent amount of weight(half+)?

    And ideas on safe "transport"?
  2. I think it's a felony to drive with a scale here. I put in under the seat, if u can.
  3. bad idea.

    even tho up to 1.5 oz here is a warning i think theyd give you intent to distribute if you have a scale on you
  4. you better hide it pro
  5. Scale is one of the last thing you need to get caught with. Even if you dont get caught with weed it is considered a felony in some states and you will considered a dealer if caught with one. So, if you have one, dont keep it with you at all times :D
  6. I learned this in Law Studies: If a cop pulls you over and he finds a probable cause to search your car buutttt the officer cannot search your glovebox or trunk unless they find something physical inside your car (ex: a seed laying around) then that would give them the right to search your glovebox and trunk. Please be careful.
  7. Always did it. Usually had at least an oz. too when I had my car back home. I'm at school now without a car so everything stays in the room.

    I have an Isuzu Trooper and it has its own secret hiding place under the back seat so I always used that if I remembered to put it away.
  8. Never drive with a scale. I dont.

    We meet up somewhere where he has the scale accesible since i aient having people coming to my place no more.

    And keep the shiet in the trunk unless you got a crazy good hiding place. I bag it normal, Then inside a few different ziplocks to help with smell, Wrap it in some clothes inside of a duffel bag or something of the sorts always change it up. Something that would make sense. Duffel bag coming back from the gym. Ect ect. They cannot legally open a locked compartment without proof.

    Everybody i know does it this way.
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    shiit i drive around houston every day, smoking/parlayin haha, just doing my damn thing, and i ALWAYS have a scale on me. i dont really worry about it too much, i just put that shit in the glove compartment, but yeah im pretty sure if you get caught with a scale in texas theyll slap you with intent to distribute.
  10. First off dawg you need to delete the part you said about smokin/*blank*. You know that aient cool here homie, I aient mention a word of it in my post.

    But i meant more moving weight thats how we do, In the trunk and smellproofed. Otherwise if they open the trunk and look im fucked oh well.

    But i drive with shit on me too much these days *knock on wood.*

    Today fuckin drivin round with vikes and got out my car and seen vikes scatted throughout the car dawg fer real. Like jus looked through my window when i closed the door and thats what i seen.

    Realized like damn hurryed up and put em in my pocket.


  11. oh yeah its a felony where i live

    life in prison is no joke
  12. after being fucked over for this i would say definitely not. nowadays i look back and regret all the stupid shit i did back in the day. why so much weight? slanging out of your car is mad obvious.....
  13. Nah, if you only have weed it'd be possession, but with a scale you'd prob get possession with intent which is a much more serious charge. I wouldn't risk it
  14. If you really want to be secure, get a small safe to put your stuff in, and put it in the trunk.

    Dont smoke weed in the car, avoid any sort of behavior that could lead to probable cause for a search.

    protip: if your car has a 420 sticker, dont drive with a scale ;)
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    I dont understand how legally its a felony, it seems like you could say that the scale is for anything, jewelry, etc, but i guess if you have weed in the car with you and a scale then, yeah not much you could probably say.

  16. I think its only a felony if you dont have enough money for a rediculous lawyer -_-
    If you get my drift.
  17. As long as the scale is completely clean they cannot say that it was used for distrobution.
  18. But can still lock you up if they find even a seed or stem until a court date or someone bails you out. Which is bullshit but true. Case more then likely will get thrown out but they can do it if they please and fuck a couple days up for ya.
  19. drive with weight only when its raining/storming

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