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Driving with a Bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DaWalrus, May 13, 2009.

  1. i was wondering how many of you drive with your bong, because I'm about to buy a pretty decent bong and ive got a pretty good hiding place for it in my car, and i just think it would be way easier to just roll with it in my car. i was just wondering for your opinion if i should do that. the only reason i wouldnt really want to is just driving by police, whether im high or not, would suck.
  2. i wouldn't dude.. that's a tough thing to stash away in a pinch.

    i usually roll with a dugout hidden away.. not as great as a bong but it gets me high and it hides real easy.
  3. Never driven with a bong before, but if I were to, I'd make sure it wasn't in any sort of case that looked like a gun case. I imagine any cop would want to look in there to see if you had a weapon, just imagine if he found a bong instead!
  4. Yeah dude I wouldn't drive around with a bong, your better safe then sorry.
  5. um thats a dumb idead...i recenly got pulled over for swerving around potholes aka failure to keep right, which turned into a field sobriety test which turned into me being arrested (under the legal limit!) which led to them finding a pipe in my glovebox...since i blew under the limit i woulda gotten off no prob, but now i have a dui narcotics and going to court...just got the papers today and the cop lied out of his ass about smelling weed etc, when i had smoked 2 hours earlier about 8 towns away from where my car was parked...

    DO NOT DO IT...COPS ARE LIARS, THEY ARE SCUM, THEY ARE LAZY, and they WILL LIE and FUCK you over simply bc they can due to a completley corrupt justice" system in the US.


    unless you just bought it at a store and never used it.then ur fine.
  6. well i definitely get what you guys are saying, but i never plan to smoke in my car, and my car's trunk first has a carpet thing, then the actual floor is a table that you can remove, and under that there is room for a spare tire, but i dont have one there, and i was thinking that would be a pretty good place, and i would probably not drive until like an hour after smoking.

  7. Every car has that, and every noob thinks it is a good place to stash stuff.
  8. Stupid, please don't do this
  9. I can understand why people would say no to this, but...
    I personally usually have about 2 bongs in my car 2 tend to leave the rest at a friends house one is a 14' inch roor that i always keep clean and wash after every sesh, so if i get pulled over they can't do shit about it. (( I've gotten stopped before, they checked around and didnt find it, i was worried about it then asked my uncle whos a cop if clean hookas/waterpipes can be kept in the car he said yeah just say you just got it or something.))

    I have a little bong about 8 inches i use to smoke when i am in my car while driving and what not and i usually stash it all the way back in my glove compartment since itsw very very deep.

    Now of course if your going to have it in the car
    1. dont drive like a douche.
    2. conceal it well. &
    3. keep it clean.

  10. A cop would look there, just a heads up
  11. Not worth it.

    Ask Tommy Chong...
  12. I drove around with my bong 24/7 in my car. Just drive regular and you'll be fine, if you want to take the risk. Didn't bother me one bit :\

  13. i thought i was goign to be the only one
  14. Me and my friends also carry our bongs where ever we go. We have a 6" mini bong that fits perfectly into glove compartment and we just take water bottles with us or ask for "two large waters please" at the local wendy's haha. I bet they get pissed. one time we came through the drive through four times in a day asking "two large waters please" all for bong water haha. We have our other normal sized vase 2 foot bong too in the trunk for rippin midis out of. we just smoke dank only out of the mini bong tastes nice. Never been pulled over in 2 years never been a problem. dont suck at driving and you wont get pulled over period.

  15. Worse advise ever, I've seen people pulled over parked in a parking lot.
  16. #17 Snooks1!, May 13, 2009
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    Shit happens man.

    Play it safe, don't carry paraphernalia or anything else in your car; there's no need to break any more laws than needed, eh?

    It's happened to me before, so I can attest to what mike's saying here...
  17. #18 KAdernal, May 13, 2009
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    In most states, paraphernalia charges are going to be worse than if you get charged with like an 1/8 on you.

    and I'm guessing that you live at home... but think about it. If you get pulled over for something and there is PC to search because the odor of MJ is present. Your gonna get fucked so hard. Cant you just keep it in your garage and burn back there? B's or J's in the car my man. Always carry some sort of smell concealing spayy... at least that's what the cop that arrested me said.
  18. ^^^
    This. End of thread.
  19. Look, if you are in a position where you live where you "can't" have/stash a bong and you only option is to hide it in your car, which is a bad idea. Using it or not. I mean a dirty bong reaks and there ain'tmuch you can do to kill the smell, especially god forbid if you got stuck with a k-9 sniffing your ride for whatever reason.

    I drive with my bong on road trips, However I keep it clean and wrapped up in my bag in the trunk and I clean it before going back home and sitting ont he road for 10-12 hrs at a clip.
    I do however have a tightpac for cigarettes that I keep my pipe n a dub or two in for when I am driving and want to relax but to me a small pipe is easier to hide than the smallest bong.

    My advice? If you're not old enough to proudly put your glasswork on display if you live at home with your units, and you already own one, you might want tohave a friend keep it for ya until you're out on your own.
    If that isn't the case and you're just hellbent on smoking your bong in your car then you're probably flirting with fire. Good luck bro.

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