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Driving While Hotboxing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kronikkk, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Anyone ever done this? How was it? Easier or harder to get caught than smoking with the windows rolled down?
  2. Filling your car with smoke while driving sounds really safe. Also it's just asking to get caught.

    If you want to hot box, park the car somewhere safe and do it parked. Better safe than sorry dude.
  3. Ya, it was like hot boxing... while driving lmao and obviously if a cop sees a fogged out car full of kids there gonna think more then if there wasn't a fucking cloud of smoke in there haha
  4. Parking in one spot is never the best idea unless its a very nice spot.

    Also driving + hotbox can turn bad quickly.

    Other people can surly see the fog in your car depending on the density and a cop would love to pull you over for that im sure.
  5. Actually one of my favorite things to do. Pretty cool drive going on the freeway clouded up.
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    Yes, a lot. I wasn't aiming on getting caught so it wasn't easier or harder... Although I would have to say it would be less likely that I would get caught with my windows rolled up. Depending on the situation, if it's snowing and night and I have my windows rolled, that looks suspicious, no?

    Edit: Mind you, it's usually on the highway coming home from work, if that makes a difference.
  7. "Hello officer", (getting wofted in the face with a cloud of dank)... cough cough

    I wouldn't hotbox in a car because of the chance for being pulled over, just be smart about it if you do.
  8. Nah dude, thats just a terrible idea... terrible idea.:(
  9. Also, if youre hotboxing PROPERLY, the smoke will be so thick that it will get in your eyes and make them tear up; You might not be able to see at all. Driving with potentially obscured vision doesnt sound like a good idea to me.
  10. Haha I guess I can tell the general consensus. And I didn't mean is it easier to get caught AFTER getting pulled over. Cuz if you were smoking (not vaping) and you get pulled over you're fucked regardless. I was just asking if it would be more stealth than smoking with the windows down because I would imagine less smoke would escape at a time allowing for a weaker smell.

    Also as far as people seeing a "fogged out" car, that wouldn't really be a problem at night, especially with tinted windows :cool:

    What if I didn't fuck with a blunt just pipe/bubbler?

  11. dats how we do it in chicago god damn police r everywhere.... but we usually get away with it on the highway lol.
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    Even worse, unfortunately. Glass IMO should not leave the house unless you're moving. Wouldn't it be better if you knew your glass was safe and sound at home where it couldn't be lost or confiscated? Just seems like lots of unnecessary risk; just smoke somewhere secure maybe?
    Fuck Chicago Law. I can't even begin to express my disdain for police officers in this city. I wouldn't give some pig a chance to harass me by smoking in public or in a moving vehicle.
  13. when i do it i only go on back roads but its no problem for driving atleast for me
  14. hox box only if it's night. also never drive with more than you're willing to eat.... or shove up your ass

    do it swiftly no sudden moments they can see in most cars when they got the lights on you
  15. It is how I say Amazing. Yeah I'm using that word. I've done it about 5 times and the best part is driving on the highway and letting all the smoke out, gives the people a show.
  16. Now hotboxing isnt the safest or smartest thing to do, but it sure is fun. I took a ride out to the middle of nowhere yesterday wit my boys hotboxing, but before that they wanted to park and smoke but I just sparked it ;)

    edit: and bending corners and lettin the smoke roll out and letting someone smell it is hella pimpin
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25TXzPuje7I]Driving while hotboxing, huh?[/ame]
  18. Can't do it in Richmond/Vancouver

    Too many Chinese drivers here
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    Driving under the influence is stupid, period. Try losing a loved one to a DUI and see if that is cool. I realize there are a lot of immature folks on this forum but this is the kind of shit that will keep we'd illegal. Nuff said. Peace to all fellow stoners, but use your heads man.

  20. I'm not talking about driving drunk. Why you would ever compare driving high to driving drunk and expect anyone to find your post at all credible is beyond me.

    I've lost people in my life to smoking tobacco. Guess that means we shouldn't smoke weed.

    You're comparing two things that are not at all alike and expecting to persuade people - you must see that.

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