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Driving While Blazed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DankyDank62, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. So what do you guys think about driving while high? Do you think its dangerous, safe, bad, or good?
    Where are your favorite places to go?
    Do you guys ever have any problems driving cause of your high? Like shifting if you have a manual, stuff like that
    What do you like about driving high?

    I drive while high and don't think it's bad or hard at all. I just have to give a little more effort. But when driving, sometimes long distances feel like they stay the same distance. And I do indeed have a manual but have no problems shifting. I love to go anywhere with food. One thing I love is that my car has subs and high it feels like the bass is crazy and you can feel it in your entire body.
  2. I don't. I was hit by someone who was a few years ago and had to get my hip replaced. It isn't worth it dude. It really isn't worth it.
  3. i love driving when im stoned, although my wife does not like to smoke and drive. she once was smoking a joint while driving alone and passed out from hotboxing the car. she flipped over 3 times going 60mph+. destroyed her truck and got a major concision. even tho it had no airbags she had on her seatbelt thank god. it was most defiantly not worth it for her. she likes to drive while stoned, actually makes her a little safer of a driver, you know less speeding and darting on the freeway, but she says she will never toke and drive again.

  4. I know how she feels i had an accident a couple months ago (I was sober). I know that really changed the way i drive.
    But when i drive I dont like to go on the highway, i stick to streets and i dont like going fast. I usually go the speed limit or a little under on accident
  5. damn... most people i know that drive stoned drive like an old man lol. i love long drives stoned, just chillin listening to music and thinking about shit.

    i drive a 5 speed and drive much better when high cuz i can feel out the rhythm better or something
  6. Almost did it once reason I say that is because I did a few puffs with my dealer before heading home but it didn't fully kick until I drove up to my house I had no trouble driving
  7. It's a lot of fun to drive around stoned. But once you hit something or someone because you were "thinking about shit" instead of thinking about driving, your high will be shot, and so could your future.

    Save the tokin for when you're not in control of a 2500lb machine.
  8. I drive like an old women with people in the car while im blazed but alone.. i drive my little 4speed 4 cylinder eclipse like its a race car lol.. i love it plus i have 2 15" 1000 watt subs in my trunk so its a fun ride
  9. It aint hard at all... me and my boys drive on the highway all the time with mad blunts
  10. driving is dangerous no matter what. i personally drive more cautious and careful high.
  11. not that im proud of it but i've driven under the influence of every unmentionable i've done. ive had 2 accidents and i was completely sober for them. i have terrible terrible road rage and it becomes even worse when im driving to pick up and i havent smoked in days; thats exactly what made me cause my second and hopefully last accident. Honestly, when i drive baked it makes it easier for me to deal with people driving like shit.

    Whatever works for you; just dont crash lol
  12. I don't find it dangerous at all, for me. I've done it almost every day for years
  13. I feel exactly the same way. I get way too angry when I'm driving sober, weed makes it much better
  14. ^^^^^This. I try not to burn WHILE im driving; i usually just do it beforehand and then enjoy having some nice loud music with the window down; altho having my mflb right there with me aint too bad either! :smoking:
  15. I'll from Michigan, so i'm used to driving in the snow and all kinds of fucked up weather. I moved to Arizona, now these mother fuckers cannot drive worth shit!! If it's raining out, you're better off not driving that day because some idiot will hit you. So I always have to be on the lookout for some idiot that's going to hit me, which makes it harder to drive blowed but I still do it everyday lol.

    Here's a picture of my truck getting a new exhaust, she's painted chameleon. Changes 13 different colors ;) the ultimate stoner mini truck lol

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  16. I am a very good driver high I find it easier to maintain the speed limit and go a continous even speed. When I'm sober I drive fast and can't really stick to one speed. Actually the only times I have ever gotten into accedents was when I was sober. The only problem is I freak the fuck out whenever I see a cop even if I'm following the law. I also don't really like to toke while driving it's harder, I prefer pulling over on the side of the road or parking lot and then drive high.
  17. He can drive while high pretty good and he finds it fun!

    But what kills it for him entirely is the fact that after a 15 minute drive all his high went into his concentration that he doesn't feel as high as much... :confused:
  18. lol man when i drive sober im like a fuckin speed demon, all impatient and shit. I usually hate driving. Its not like i become blind or something when im thinking about shit, its possible to be focused on driving while thinking about something else. I said i like driving high not drunk lol

    but if i ever hit someone ill remember this and take responsibility, but until then ill enjoy driving
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    The only thing I'm uncomfortable with is the actual action of ripping the bowl when I'm driving, especially when driving alone. But once I'm high its soo nice.

    I kind of treat it as a chill out time for me, just to think about shit, listen to my music. Especially for long drives it makes the drives seem so much shorter.

    I just set the cruise right at 64 and camp in the right lane. Don't have to worry about people behind you or in front of you. It's chill
  20. I love driving in my Tahoe high. Especially at night because my radio changes colors and i have 2 12' subs that make it all the better when smoking a blunt

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