Driving to British Cloumbia for seeds

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  1. Anyone ever done this before? I live on the west coast and think it'd be easy to just hop across the border to Vancouver. Someone told me an easy trick to get seeds across the border is to put them in a bag of homeade trail-mix then just dump out the bag and pick the seeds out when you get home. Unless they tear open the trail mix and analyze each individual seed it's fool-proof.
  2. How much money on gas and expenses is that exactly?
    Prob be cheaper to order online or over the phone, no?
  3. i took a bus up to Vansterdam four years ago and bought seeds. Put them in the dick hole in my undies and taped it shut. its not metal so it wont trip the metal detector.
  4. Have your passport ready and look as white as possible
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    Really? never been happier about living where seeds are legal after reading this
  6. Just go to attitude. Why risk homeland "security" to give you a cavity search.
  7. depends who youre with...youre age...etc. bring tackle boxes and say youre going fishing. just dont be sketchy haha they usually dont search you unless youre an unlucky motherfucker or have prior charges. i know a guy who gets hash sent in the mail in trail mix, breaks em up and they look like big prunes or raisins haha seems to work.
  8. you guys are way overthinking this. take a bus so you dont have to wait in a long ass line with the rest of the cars. the bus line has their own area to go through. its one vehicle so searching it doesnt take long. there is usually about 50 people on board so fill out the 1 sheet of paper for your declarations and turn it in. at the boarder crossing north of Bellingham WA they only make you put your luggage through an x-ray machine and make you walk through a metal detector. this process takes about 20 min or so cause they have 50 people to move along so the bus trip can keep on moving, they know the bus has a schedule to keep.

    this process is almost identical to entering any courthouse in the states. Dont take your own car because they can profile you way easier that way. You might forget to clean everything out of your car also, where a bus is already cleaned and doesnt have anything illegal in it to begin with.

    As far as putting seeds in the dickhole of my undies, dont be disgusted they come in vials smaller than a AAA battery. those seeds produced pounds upon pounds and sent many clones all over the east coast. So yes this can be done and it is very easy.

    I also met Marc Emery on my trip. He and his wife could not talk about seeds due to their pending case which Marc is now in prison for, but the store accross the street said "sure we got seeds" and showed me a catalog full of them from many seed banks. She was very good looking and we talked growing for about 45 min and she was very pleased that I came all the way from Boston to go to her shop.

    PM me if you have any further questions
  9. Well you're pretty laid back about it. Obviously you've never been caught or know someone that has been. Unlike myself, been there done that seen my boy get caught....just sayin
  10. I live in Wa the crossing at blaine is easy as shit. Nothing to worry about, the trail mix idea is golden also. I just sowed mine into my hoodie, but that was also b4 9/11. Been breedin evr since though.
  11. But it is not hard....
  12. Still.. I'm not about to put anything up my dickhole regardless of its potential haha
  13. Up your dickhole? I don't put anything in my dickhole but endless amounts of ectasy kinda like an iv for my junk....wtf
  14. I said the dickhole in my undies you dumbass. you know the part of your undies where white people pull their dicks out of when having sex with black girls (Dave Chappelle). who in their right mind would stick anything up their dickhole?
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    Well that's not called a dickhole now is it, opposed to the hole in your dick which is.

  16. Robert Mapplethorpe. I saw a pic of some dude sticking his pinky in his dick to the second knuckle.

    But it was art.

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