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Driving to Boston....

Discussion in 'General' started by GolgiApparatus, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Whats happenin GC? Im driving to boston with my dad and Ive never been there before what are

    1. Fun things to do
    2. Dank places to eat

    Im also gonna b in the car glued to my iphone so lets entertain me xD

    Also ive been with GC longer than i was in high school. If thats not commitment idk what is....

    (shameless promotion alert) Also add my band on facebook! Galaxy Dynamite!
  2. ^your band is based in the 757?^
  3. New England Aquarium is pretty cool or take a duck tour. Theres alot of nice places too eat around Faneuil Hall and alot of places to shop
  4. what areas are you gonna be in?
  5. go take a tour of fenway park or try to score tickets for a game.. newbury st and boylston street has some nice high end stores right around the corner from fenway
  6. Go to a Sox game

    Get drunk

    Rinse and repeat.
  7. Go to mikes pastry, its fucking delicious. Maybe fire and ice too. I was suppose to go after hempfest last year but couldnt :/.
  8. haha whenever im in boston im super fucked up...so i never learn the city, but im there all the time, its so bad

    i like pizzeria regina, idk if thats like a national or local pizza chain, but its fucking bomb pizza, theres other great food in fanueil hall also

    maybe go to a show? theres a lot of music goin on in boston...then other stuff like someone said the aquarium, that place is pretty cool imo...museum of science was cool from what i rememeber (from way back in the day)

    you could go to the prudential (tallest bulding in boston) and go to the top and view the whole city, thats kinda cool, you can eat up there too but im pretty sure its really expensive and you need reservations

    boston is just a place to get fucked up at for me, parties, shows, and bars
  9. Come smoke me up.

  10. Yes!!

    Thanksfor the advice ppl and im w my dad = cant chief :(
  11. like someone else said, mikes pastry is bomb as fuck. best pastries ive ever had. the north end is where the good food is imo. Im not sure what kinds of activities entertain you but there is something for everyone in boston:)
  12. come up north from Boston to my place ans we can blaze.I hate that no one visits lawrence,haverhill,methuen
  13. haha thats because theres nothing to do in this area, besides smoke weed.

    im from methuen btw lol

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