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Driving stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ArmoredTurkey, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Anyone who's done their fair share of toking has more than likely had to drive at least once while baked out of their mind. I really want to read other peoples' experiences with driving high, whether they're funny, scary or whatever.

    I, personally, found myself once sitting at a flashing red stop light for about 1 or 2 minutes waiting for it to turn green. Probably a common mistake, but that shit is pretty easy to confuse when you're blasting a mix-tape of "chillwave" bands during a lengthy and stoned drive.

  2. i drove after a bong rip and two 10mg marinols. it was beast!
  3. I've done my fair share of driving blazed. One moment ill never forget is when i just got finished hot boxing my car with a few buddies and i'm pulling out of the parking lot while my friends in the back packing another bowl and my other friend is in the passenger seat just laughing at nothing at all and there's a cop trying to turn into the parking lot but i'm blocking the way. I sat there just gazing at him for seriously a minute then realized what the fuck was going on and dipped out lmao.
  4. Last night I was stoned and had to drop my friends off. It was like level one to getting home on time. Kinda hard cause I'm a lightweight newbie and they were making me laugh. Level two was getting from their house to mine. Just moved to a new place and went the wrong way. Had to figure out how to get home. Level three was all the curvy fuckin streets I had to take to get there. I can't drive very fast if I'm high lol I know I pissed some people off. And I'm pretty sure at one point I was in a lane that wasn't a lane..very far left when I was supposed to be turning right...
  5. the first time i smoked with someone other than myself i got blazed and was driving i drove my girl to her car which was parked at a little turnaround. it was dark i pull in and ass i get closer to her car all i see is flashing red and blue lights after i shit myself i did the best i could to hide paraphenalia and prolly half zip. he comes up to my car and turned out to be a park ranger
  6. Driving high is probably my favorite thing to do while high
    although I do have a habit of sometimes thinking red-lights are stop-signs xD
    Never got pulled over though :cool:
  7. The first couple times I did it I was sketched out, but now it's no big deal. Just about the same as driving not high.
  8. weed is one of the most mild drugs out there, its fine to drive high if you can handle your shit. i honestly dont get how people cant handle themselves unless its one of their first experiences with drugs
  9. i used to drive high on my on-roads learning things and they still all said i was a good driver and i was new to driving then its not hard to drive high if you know your driving
  10. Mild drug, yes. First or thousandth experience wouldn't change anything. It manipulates the mind to some degree regardless, causing enhanced focus in some and a lack in others.
  11. My first time driving high I stopped at a crosswalk thinking it was a stop sign and it was in area I've lived in for 10+ years
  12. I drive blazed almost everyday
  13. I wasn't driving but I as riding in a packed car (we were all RIPPED) and as we were driving down the road we found ourselves in the midst of a pretty serious street race. There were at least 2 asian drivers so you know it was pretty serious. Anyway, we were all geeking out because we didn't know what was going on, so the driver just punched it and we kinda joined the race lol.
  14. I drive baked every day. The worst ones are getting pulled over while blazed and blazing.

    The two funniest are: Coming to a stop sign, waiting for it to turn green, getting bored and packing a bowl, smoking said bowl before realizing it wasn't going to turn.

    And driving down the expressway and seeing the shadows from the grass moving in the wind, thinking it was an animal and coming to a complete stop. haha
  15. yup burn cruise every morning on the way to class. never been pulled over or any traffic tickets

  16. That must mean you're not breaking more than one law at a time ;):cool::smoke:
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    I'm more cautious when driving high. I analyze how everyone is driving more. That doesn't mean I always drive high though, I try to avoid that situation.
  18. i never drive intoxicated.
  19. I drive a scooter and after sharing quite a bit of weed one night with a few friends I had to get home, I drove home at 10mph because of the position of street lights my shadow was revolving around me as I went and I kept freaking out and swerving every few metres because the shadows came out from behind parked cars. It was pretty scary at the time, now that I think about it anybody behind me probably would have thought I was pissed.
  20. I drove 4 hours in dense fog and 2 lane roads to get home after smoking a LOT of dank. I was leaving Ohio University (#1 party school in the nation) on halloween weekend (biggest partying weekend). And to make it better we left at 2am. I literally saw over 10 people getting pulled over and searched on the way out of the county.

    I also went through the Wendy's drive through one time and then I paid and then forgot to wait for my food.

    I honestly can't remember all the times because I have driven high probably 50+ times.

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