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Discussion in 'General' started by BluClouds, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. So i was on my way home from town and i had been high already while running my errands. And i noticed that when i was on this road i usually drive 60 but i was driving 35 at the time. Which is funny cause thats usually the speed i drive when im high but that time it was just automatic. Anyway i was just wondering if anybody else has a certain speed they like to drive while their high
  2. The faster the better, but I live in a country town with almost no people in it, but it the city I cruise low and slow.
  3. when im baked i love to drive slow the sound is therapeutic! especially on my car vr6 with a straight pipe *drool*

    when the max is 60km/h ill be doing 40 maybe less!
  4. Eh... Drive like I always do.

    Between the speed limit and 5 to 10 mph over.

  5. great way to get pulled over...
  6. I always find myself driving too slowly. I try to stay between the speed limit and 5 over
  7. I usually keep it about 5 below when out and about but if im in the hood I just cruise
  8. why the fuck would you go under the speed limit
  9. yeah it feels good to drive slow with some bad ass tunes playin.
  10. I'll just be cruising down the street feeling like I'm going 50 or 55...

    I'll glance down at the speedometer and see i'm going 25...happens every time! Sometimes the line of cars behind me honking is a reality check as well.
  11. "Speed Limit" as in max speed allowed by law maybe he doesn't want to go the maximum speed allowed by the law?
  12. I really really get pissed off when people go under the speed limit, at least when theres only one lane. Like really. People gotta get places and you're stopping them from getting there faster. GODDAMNIT MINIVANS! :mad:

    Anyway, I like to go about +5 everywhere, which ends up sometimes 10 or 15 over... I just like to go fast...
    Keep right except to pass! Just because you are going the speed limit doesn't mean you're not blocking traffic! Why block people? Let them by and everyones day will be smoother and happier.
    /rant :smoking:
  13. 75 mph is the max ill go.... keep right and i love cruise control
  14. i like to go slow cuz when ur high cuz it seems like ur going faster than u r and if u have the subs bumpn than its fun just cruisin
  15. If the limit is 90km/h i usually drive 85 :p
  16. on interstates like i-10 the speed limit is 70 but only old asian ladies and rednecks drive that slow, I fucking hate people that go 70 in the left lane on i-10, they get flipped the bird every time, I usually go between 80-85. On US 59, the speed limit is 65, I generally go 75 or so depending on the traffic, i'm usually always driving the speed limit or i'm a little bit or a lot over it(depending on how many drugs i have on me).
  17. I like driving as fast as possible....Nothing better than accelerating to match the buildup of my trance :)

  18. when i gotta drive a minivan i drive it like a motherfucking boss

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