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Driving sober

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mega24v, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Ok so i have been doing some tests and i have found out that i can drive better when high vs. sober? Is anybody else like this? Its just weird, I drive a 1985 peterbuilt. I shift smother and faster when i am high. (its my daily driver & im a diesel head) just woundering if anybody else has gifts like this? :D
  2. A lot of people are better at driving high. Makes you more focused on what you're doing
  3. Thats your daily driver?...
  4. yeah man i agree. I turn up some good tunes and just zone everything else out and focus all my attention on the road. I enjoy drivin blazed
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    I honestly drive way better. Maybe paranoia, but I drive textbook. Perfect on speed, all stops, signs followed. Way better than sober. :smoking:

    My daily driver, The Mystery Machine :cool:

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  6. i already do wear my safety helmet when driving. thanks for reminding everyone else though mwtokin
  7. i drive better drunk, then you do sober

  8. You tell em Gordon Campbell. ;)

    (Just a little BC politics humour.)

  9. afroman :smoking:
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    Yea when you work everyday....
  11. The only thing that I hate doing high is merging into traffic on a highway. For some reason, if I'm baked, it makes it ten times harder than it would be sober, so when I know that I'm going to be driving on the highway, I avoid toking.
  12. i drive beter when im high to. i dont drive fast. i dont get road rage. i laugh at other people, who if i wearnt high i would be trying to swearve on and make them crash...i have road rage bad

  13. Holy shit, you TRY to make people crash? That's worse than the people who start waving guns around if you honk at them. You should seriously consider anger management classes, or something.
  14. When I'm sober, I tend to speed and drive less carefully. When I'm high, I drive the speed limit no matter what, and I devote all my attention to driving. I wouldn't say being high makes me drive better, but it makes me drive a lot more carefully so I don't get pulled over or something.
  15. I know how I should drive. However, when I'm sober, I'm like Public Enemy #1. Give me some weed and I'm a textbook driver :p
  16. Im the same way i have zero road rage when hight and i tend to laugh at other people...:D
  17. I wouldn't trust myself driving a car high. I get distracted far too easily :laughing:
  18. I drive home high everyday after work... hop on the highway and ride the cloud back singing to myself with the music on blast...

    i actually like driving while high better i can focus more on driving and dont even bother looking at my phone
  19. I've been able to successfully avoid accidents such as people not seeing me when they merge or if the get too close while I'm high. I feel like I'm in more control of my truck, by the way I drive a lifted orange 1990 chevy blazer with side exhaust. So here I am this stoned mothafucker driving a loud tank pretty much like a boss thinking how great it is to drive high! :smoke:

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