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Driving manual transmission

Discussion in 'General' started by GillyTHEkid, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Don't even worry about it. Just drive around your neighborhood a bit and youl get it.
  2. haha i got the hang of it now, it really does come naturally. but i gotta say, learning it was tough. it fun to drive friends around they are amazed at the concept of driving manual. i see them sneaking peaks while i shift ;)

    maybe the ladies will be impressed haha. thanks for the help blades.
  3. On 2nd gear i cruise at like 30-35 and my car sounds is an 80's porsche tho.

  4. they do NOT suck in traffic at all!!! wtf lol. goin 45mph in 3rd gear i can pass people sooooo quickly and weave in and out of traffic insanely quick, just pop it in to neutral to coast to the right speed. i love it. you tell the car what to do, it doesnt do it for you.

    lmao the irony in this post

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