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Driving manual transmission

Discussion in 'General' started by GillyTHEkid, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Yeah, I'm a manual for lifer too.

    It's not that I mind torque converters, they're actually pretty neat. I think I would be almost as happy with a manually controlled automatic as I am in a manual. But that manual control better be that with no automatic control.

    And once you drive it, it becomes so easy that there's no good reason to go back.
  2. this is kinda hard for me to explain

    I would recommend not down shifting to slow down b/c its added wear to your clutch. you can replace your brakes for 30 bucks or your clutch at a shop for a big chunk of change.

    dont be going 40mph in 3rd gear and drop it in 2nd just to slow down. clutch in and use your brakes.

    edit--my car has 290,000 miles and runs like a champ. dont stress your parts and it will last unless it's a POS
  3. Screw flappy paddle automatic bullshit it is not fun at all it's like driving a fucking cheap arcade game. You get no real "grit or feel" like you do for the clutch and shifter you can actually feel the RPMS and your cars weight shift by those two things alone. Me driving an auto is like me driving blind. I can drive a manual with no gauges better than an auto with all gauges. FUCK AUTOS!! (unless you're running 800 hp+ its hard to control that in a stick.)

  4. I can help explain it.

    Most of the braking power that is created when you engage the clutch in a low gear while going fast is absorbed by the clutch to slow the car down. It's quite a rapid deceleration. Now, think of accelerating that fast. That requires a lot of power, right? Well, it's the same amount of power, just used to slow you down instead of speeding you up.

    As I said earlier, a lot of power being transferred or absorbed by the clutch when it's slipping makes it wear a lot.

    As bob barker said, it's a lot cheaper to replace brakes when they're worn than clutches. Brakes are obviously designed to be used that way. In fact, brakes are basically mechanically opposite to clutches in use, although pretty similar in construction.

  5. Yeah man I'm totally with you on that, manual is much better for overall performance, but I was kinda thinking of mundane street driving when I wrote that. For that it doesn't make too much of a difference.

    And what do you think of dual clutch transmissions?
  6. ya i had a nice honda auto which is alot more comfy but i just found myself bored as fuck lol maybe if it had more power it wouldn't be so bad.

    I've never driving a dual clutcher

  7. yeah, but I mean, street driving is boring as hell anyway. Doesn't make too much of a difference. You can still have a little fun but often I think "meh, what's the point...".

    I've never driven one either. I would like to though. I like the concept.
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    All true and good advice. Just make sure to think of it as "don't downshift to slowdown" and not "downshifting and slowing down never mix".

    IMO good for a newb to get a feel for all the shift points at first, up and down. Learn to be in proper gear at any time, and never coasting. Know that curves, hills, speed limit changes, construction etc may call for downshifts along with slowing down.
    Then, when you have a feel for where all the changes "could" or "would" be, you can smooth out your driving style and eliminate a lot of downshifts, eg. when you're coming to complete stop.

    OP You'll develop you're own style. Explaining it doesn't really help, u just gotta go do it.

    313k one of mine here... shes still goin but the odo's stuck must be 325 by now.

    Anyone here ever drive a "full crashbox" transmission with no synchronizers on ANY of the gears? Fun times ....
  9. Sorry to spark this dish thread up but I finally got my 11' wrx hatch last week and I finally got the hang of driving stick shift.

    I tell ya it was extremely rough, it was tough getting used to the high engagement on the clutch that wrx's are built with. I stall every now and then but I can get her moving in no time.

    I got another question for you guys.

    Is it okay to chill at a stop sign at a 4 way in first while holding down the clutch and brake for about no more then a minute?

    I got from all the posts that the more I use the clutch the more it wears.

    Thanks again.
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    Congrats man!!! Wrx is sweet I got an 05 sti. I love it :p but the answer to your question is yea you could stay in 1st with clutch on for hours if needed lol but I would just go for neutral.
  11. alright real life scenario heres what you do:
    1. light turns green hit the clutch and calmly shift to first.
    2. promptly stomp the accelerator to the floor
    3. disregard the harsh squeal coming from behind the vehicle
    4. wait for the rpms to reach appropriate level
    5. shift to 2nd dont use the clutch powershifting ftw
    6. see step 4
    7. disregard the copious amounts of smoke surrounding the vehicle
    8. shift to 3rd clutch optional
    at this point you should take off depends on the badassness of your car i had a 84 iroc that would smoke into 4th.
    a few minor details dont do this with AWD or FWD youll look like a jackass
    so there u go worst/most fun way to drive ur new car
  12. ^lol

    Yeah, it's just fine. The throwout bearing can last a damn long time. It's just that keeping in is unnecessary and wears it more than the alternative which is to put it in neutral and engage the clutch.
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    I've been driving stick for \t10 years and I still stall sometimes. You can engage the clutch and brake at a stop if needed. I usually do it at stoplights. If its not on a hill you can just put the clutch in. Even if your stick is in first gear, as long as the clutch is in, the engine is disengaged so its pretty much like its neutral
  14. I had an $800 clutch job because my throwout bearing went and somehow my flywheel got gouged so I had that resurfaced. The moral of the story? At a stop, just chill in neutral off the clutch and shift when you need to move. It'll help your clutch :p
  15. Downshifting is a process, and actually it's not even necessary, it just takes some strain off of your brakes.

    If you need to slow down use your brakes. As your speed becomes slower, the higher gear's need for a higher speed becomes more apparent. The engine's revs will get less and less until you end up stalling from not shifting.

    So it works like this: 4th gear, 45 mph, red light up ahead. Use your brake until you've reached 3rd gear speed, clutch, downshift, ease out the clutch, repeat.

    Downshifting isn't nessisary though, you can just throw your car into neutral and use your brakes to bring you to a stop.

    Once you've made a complete stop you always need to shift back into first, unless you have a car where that isn't necessary (my dad has a 1969 ford f150 and you dont use 1st gear, it's the grandma gear and can only go like 5 mph.)

    To avoid having your clutch foot get tired at a stop light just throw it into neutral and wait for the change to shift into first. Be careful though, sometimes you'll forget you're in neutral and gun your engine.

    Hope that helped
  16. okay so... where to begin. lemme start off with this, i really apprecaite your guys advice, its unfortuante that nobody was able to coach me as i learned to drive stick shift but i mangaed :hello:

    i dont wanna restate every question and response but this relates to my downshifting to slow down question.

    heres the scenerio... i am approaching a left turn as i am in 3rd gear, lately i have been using my breaks to slow down and as i approach the turn i will downshift to 2nd. was this the correct way?

    ill admit this to you guys, i have this deep fear in the back of my head of stalling. i know its because im a noob and i stalled a good bit at traffic lights and got a few honks from behind but when i stalled at the 4-way today, i got honked at and it really bothered me. i believe the reason why i usually stall is because i dont give it enough gas as i let go of the clutch.

    ive come to the conclusion that you cant go wrong with giving it too much gas then too little. do you guys kinda rev the engine up a tenney bit when your getting into first?? i think my rpm shoots up to about 3000 and drops to about 1500-2000rpms when i get it into gear.

    but damn, stalling, getting honked at, stalling AGAIN and getting honked at AGAIN was a nasty experience. of course i gave the guy the bird :D

    i drove in traffic today for the first time and i only stalled once, nothing serious. we were already stopped so i just turned the car back on and got rolling. but damn its nothing like driving a auto in traffic.

    what ive noticed about driving manual is that, its really just common sense.

  17. Yeah, doing that is totally appropriate.

    You'll get over your fear of stalling as you get better. Going heavy on the throttle is a fine strategy for getting going in good conditions, but you should practice more finesse for when the conditions require it.
    I know one of the last things I got good at was hill starts. It was always a challenge to get enough throttle to get going and not stall, but not too much that the wheels chirp or spin, and do this quick enough after I take my foot off the break to stop the car from rolling back. This is especially important when it's wet, snowy or icy.

    As you get better you'll be able to save yourself from stalling when you don't give it enough throttle. The AC screws with my starts because of the extra load it puts on the engine and the reduction in torque it causes. I'll often start out and have the engine stuck below 1000 rpm. If it starts to dip too much, down under about 700, I'll almost reflexively mash the clutch in to let it recover. You'll start doing this as you get more experience.

    Soon in your own car you'll be able to drive it almost as smoothly as an auto, but with much more control when you want it.
  18. Its more of a leg workout in traffic! Haha its kinda hard to talk about rpm's when you dont have a meter for car doesnt have one but I usually never stall
  19. im so used to driving manual if i drive a manual i always go to push in the clutch. it all comes natural kind of hard to explain. my dad showed me the basics and i had to teach myself when and how to downshift etc. you'll figure it out.
  20. didn't realize how old this thread is haha op is probably a pro by now.

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