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Driving lessons high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Emrich, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I have to take 10 hours worth of driving lessons starting today in a couple of hours. Each session is 1 hr. i probably shouldnt go high to them right?
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    as long as you're not sketching out and you don't smell AT ALL you'll be fine...
    im almost done my 10 hours haha
    I honestly find it helps to be a little stoned or something I definitely don't worry as much....
    but she says my awareness isn't that great hahaha I went practicing today I think i got it better... just make sure you're always checking your mirrors and blind spots. always.
  3. I went super baked to mine everyday lol. No one noticed.
  4. I went high to a couple of them i think. Its been a couple years since I took driving lessons but I remember them all being really easy.
  5. Unless you're taking these lessons to benefit yourself, why not just go get your license? I'm pretty sure you're only required to take driving lessons if you're under 18 (Atleast where I live it is).
  6. taking drivers ed gives you a pretty gnarly discount on insurance.
    its way cheaper in the long run.
    thats why lol

  7. I get better insurance for doing the lessons and get my license faster.
  8. [quote name='"Emrich"']

    I get better insurance for doing the lessons and get my license faster.[/quote]

    Eyy I hate to be the age police but I'm guessing your not 18.
  9. Why would you go high?... Save it for having a good time with some friends, not signing up for goddamn driving lessons
  10. #10 Atem, Aug 11, 2012
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    Or he could have had his G1, assuming he's in Canada, for less than a year and would rather get his G2 in 8 months as well as the obvious insurance benefits.

    Unless he's saying he's waiting until he has the ability to get his G1 your assumptions aren't necessary that judgement is for moderators alone unless he explicitly states or implies that he's under 18.
  11. If you get caught going to Driver's Ed high, you can pretty much guarantee you won't be passing the class with the instructor you have.
  12. I went to one of my driving tripping on a certain fungi. lol I was sketching out and I had to do parallel parking that day
  13. IMO I wouldn't be stupid and do that.

  14. Im 18:devious:
  15. Ya know op, you're probably one of those special people who shouldn't get their license at all.
  16. Only way to do it:)
  17. It's no biggie, especially if your used to driving high. Heres what i suggest, save it for when you GET your license and go j cruising with some pals :)

    I live in Canada and did my entire driver's ed course blazed, why the hell not if your in the class with some friends and you can already function high, and i had already been driving since i was 14 (our province let us drive anything under 250cc) so i didn't learn jack shit in that classroom, but i did my in-car sesh's sober cause i was pretty new to cars. But once i passed my final, holy hell :smoke:
  18. before i first got my license i toked before one of the in-cars and i was pretty scared cuz i hadn't toked and drove before but it was easy and it made the experience more enjoyable
  19. [quote name='"Bubbles42O"']

    Eyy I hate to be the age police but I'm guessing your not 18.[/quote]

    Im in the same position as OP and im 19 so whatever you're thinkin must be pretty irrelevant.. not everybody does drivers ed as soon as they can lol
  20. Yeah i would def not go high especially if you're new to driving. And some instructors can be real hard asses.

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