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  1. So Grasscity, many of the members who are actually adults drive. I also believe many of you have had experience with car accidents and have stories to share. They don't have to involve you, but I think this forum may help some members be more aware of the dangers we all face while driving. I'll post some when this picks up some momentum.

  2. It doesn't work like that, you gotta post one.
    You started this, see it through...And I might share mine.[​IMG]
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    I was prescribed a certain unmentionable starting with "x" for anxiety a couple years ago and it would leave me feeling foggy in the mornings, how ever one morning on my way to the gym I must have fallen asleep behind the wheel as a result of the foggyness, I remember turning the corner then a big clunk, turns out I had passed out shortly after turning the corner and nearly went over a cliff the clunk was the cars axle getting wedged on a rock, my front wheel was hanging over the edge of cliff, so lucky to be alive, from that day on I vowed never to take them again, started taking regular vitamins plus extra vitamin c and d3 which has pretty much cut my anxiety down by 90%

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  4. I swear after I posted about me losing my truck I have seen nothing but threads that pertains to car crashes, driving without insurance etc. This is really for the automobile section, but that place is usually dead.
  5. Me and a buddy were going to play indoor soccer. It was a shitty winter night. Like negative twenty and snowing. Before ik we were going I had blazed some headies.

    So anyways were on the way and I'm driving. The car in front of us drifted to the right a bit. I figured oh something is in the road and did two.

    Turns out he hit a snow drift, his car spun sideways. I tried turning and stopping but it didn't happen.

    Ruined my entire front side and his passenger side was destroyed, but, luckily no injuries.

    Shit still spooks me out. Was my fault for sure I was way too close idk it at the time but the road was all ice. When we were checking out the damage and waiting, it was like a fucking hockey rink

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  6. ive made a thread about my accident a year or 2 ago
    i was drunk and pretty high on several things, i usually can handle myself, and many times ive had black outs but still managed to navigate the city of copenhagen and get home safely, incredible for me because those times i simply wasnt there mentally untill i woke up in my bed
    but one day i was high and crossed the road without looking
    BAM i get hit by a car doing about 80 kilometers per hour, it hit me on the front side of the car, i flew onto the windshield and broke it
    then he hit the brakes and i went flying and landed near a cafee and i can remember laying on the ground thinking '' damn this is like i got punche by god ( if such a thing exists :p ) but i really felt like that, and the last thing i can remember before i woke up 12 hours later in the hospital is saying '' owwwwwwwww '' in a low voice and blacking out
    i woke up in the hospital and had a scar over my eyebrow which they had sewn, a completely black shoulder/upper arm like  massive black eye/arm
    my hip was also very sore and the doctor told me that i had chipped a bone in my eye socket, but i was lucky it didnt pierce my eye
    they didnt let me drink for the rest of the day because they were worried my intestines had burst somewhere, so all the water i got was from a wet swap that didnt do much and i was extremely thirsty
    on the plus side all the nurses were beautiful and very kind, i was then moved from intensive care to a normal room, my room mate was some poor kid that needed a liver, the poor guy had his little playstation and had to come like frequently and he really had a hard time i could see, so i felt i was lucky
    i came home the day after, which i think is extremly lucky i didnt get seriously hurt, but was very numb :)
    very life changing or atleast interesting experience, be safe everyone a car can really do some damage!
    peace out blades :)
  7. Well, now I own my own telephone pole.
    It only hurt a little.


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  8. No story, just don't be these kids.
  9. Good point, here it is. 
     One night in November, my friend had some people over for his birthday and we got pretty drunk. At around 3 AM, I was still awake and my friend went to his room with his GF [​IMG]. At this point, I figured I would pull an all-nighter, considering I had to be up at 6:30 to drive 90 miles to a work related event. I stopped by my place beforehand and showered, then headed out. I get to the event with no problem, and head back at around 1:30 PM. While driving on the 101 in the SF Valley, I nodded off while driving (how long I do not know). I wake up to a SCREETCHING sound and a jerk. It turns out I was scraping against the fucking barrier! I somehow adjust myself without causing any harm to other cars and pull over. Somehow, the car only had very light scratches and is fine now. I'm grateful to have walked away from that without any harm done to myself or others.
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    Hahaha LOL
    I've had many small fuckups, managed to crash each of my parents cars at least once and go from totally fucked to driving it home without them finding anything ROFL 
    Call this Chunk, hand in blender confession, everything!. no one and I mean no fucking one knows about this shit
    Mom & Dad I'm so sorry
    DAD- The dent on the front of your truck wasnt from a parking lot hit.It was snowing and I ran into the back of a guys van, only dented the truck and turned out it wasnt the guys car so he didnt give a shit! 
    2. The day when your truck didnt start,was a bit fucked up was because it was in the ditch of a snow storm 2 hours earlier that I desperately dug out a 10x40ft trench to drive it back an hour before you woke up. 
    It was 3am I was stoned outta my mind and just bought a 30 pack of Mils Best , driving too fast in 4 wheel drive when another accident caused me to lose it off the road in 4 ft snow, missing a stopped car by 30 ft, cops came by and I told them someone ran me off the road
    MOM- A piece of your car is fucked up on the radiator when I crashed in a ditch and got some guy to help tow it out, only he tied it to the wrong place and luckily it didnt rip the radiator out
    That night me and my buddies said someone ran us off the road, we were actually stoned and drove down a dirt road losing control of his POS van going 50 on black ice, driving up a steep bank and almost flipped over down a huge ditch if it werent for pure luck, we only completely fucked up the front end and ran over huge rocks. It was a miracle the airbags didnt go off and got the van started after 3 trys 
    I bruised my arm real good while my buddies had broken hand and 3 broken ribs, I know if it wasnt for god or whatever We'd probably be almost dead 
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  12. parking in reverse
    Tip: don't accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake

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