Driving in the Snow

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Vildner, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Long read, might not be worth it lol

    So the other night, me and my friend J decided to smoke up our friend K. He came over, we took a walk and smoked a bowl or two.

    K had only been high once before, and he was at work (everyone including managers smoke there) so it was a pretty shitty high. This time he had a blast because we were just chilling listening to music and laughing our asses off.

    So after an hour or so, I needed to drive them home because the roads were getting worse (it was snowing HARD). So I bring J home, roads are a little slippery but it was a fairly level drive to his house. I start going up K's road and he lives at the top of like a steep mile long hill. My little 2 wheel drive pickup makes it like half way and just wont go further. I'm like fuck and start going backwards down the hill, correcting the car as it spins and slides. Luckily my dad had taught me how to correct the sliding during winter driving back when i was learning to drive lol But it still isnt fun buzzing a little bit and having to backup down a snowy hill.

    So I make it down and realize I'm low on gas, and decide to go get some before trying the hill again. I come back and try it again and make it to about the same spot on the road and cant go further.
    I'm just like "Dude, I don't know if I want to back down this frigging hill again..."
    Right after I said that, the car just like spun/rotated in place so that the car was facing downhill. We laughed SOOOOO hard. It was just too perfect. I didnt touch anything and the car just turned.

    He just ended up walking the last little bit. That story probably wasnt as good for you as it was for me, but it was a good night and that was pretty hilarious at the time.
  2. Glad everything turned out alright. Sounds like fun man :smoking:
  3. I always have dreams of driving in heavy snow conditions and either go off a cliff or roll or crash or something.

    Off topic but I a few months back I had a stretch where every night I was dreaming about zombies chasing me. Not trying to jack your thread though.
  4. Oh geez...half life zombies or left4dead zombies? Wow i'm gone right now....
  5. thats why i prefer 4x4s. today we just got a bit and made the roads all nice and slick. took the f150 around, bitchin it around every turn. that was some ass shit, putting a truck sideways and bringin it all the way back on ice and snow
  6. Like slow as shit zombies.
  7. next time try driving on the snow covered shoulder, should get you up

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