Driving High?

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Do you drive high?

  1. Hell Yeah!

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  2. sometimes

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  3. Depends on how high i am

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  4. Fuck No!

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  1. i never really wanna drive high, ive only drove high once (i think), dont really like to drive high, if im high i usually have a friend drive me or something. I dont want anything happening when im driving, and when im high i dont want it effecting my driving, and i'll be afraid that a cop will pull me over.
  2. Driving high is dangerously fun, and by that I mean it's way too much fun. Everytime I drive high I feel as if it's a video game. But the only thing that'll ruin the experience is having the thoughts of red and blue lights in your mind. Don't fret, most of the time, cops can't even tell that you're high.
  3. its not a big deal at all. how are you not sure if youve driven high?
  4. im always drivin high. I guess because im like the only 1 off all my buds thats got a car. iv gotin used to drivin realy high it just takes all ur mind at the time man. JUST DONT DRINK AND DRIVE. But that goes with out saying.
  5. i dont think its right too drive high, it might be fun for you driving but if i killed someone cos i was high and driving it would just ruin weed for me and shit. also it wouldn;t be too good for the person i killed.
  6. Hehe, so much fun.
  7. imo its too fun to pass up. i go on a roadee at least once a week :-D never hotboxed yet tho, always had the windows slightly open :/
  8. Since I'm at home for the summer, I live and die by the burn ride. I'm lucky to live in a part of north jersey where within a 10 minute ride I'm in a place with no local police jurisdiction =D So I can get ripped off my ass with impunity and cruise around the farmlands blasting phish or 311. Driving high is great, it can get tiring but I have to say on the whole there's nothing better than smoking a few bowls and just cruising with some good loud music.
  9. I love driving high. Whenever I get the chance, I do it.
  10. I wont drive immediatly after i smoke, give it a few minutes so i can at least think straight.. but usually the weed makes me focus so much more on the drive that im safer.... plsu it makes the destination a lot more fun to get to



  11. okay, ive driven high, but i wasnt that high, i was a little buzzed, wasn't that big of a deal.
  12. ive pretty much gotten used to it, now i drive high almost every day

    hell once i was in an accident when i was baked, eyes red and glassy. cop came, witnesses, etc... no one noticed a thing. and thats talking to the cop face-to-face while he's doing a police report, with bud and paraphinalia in the car and on me. never got asked to be searched, or take a breathilizer, or anything.

    its pretty damn hard to get caught lol
  13. i try and time my outings for about 45 minutes before i go out cruising. i'm not sure if its because it takes me that long to get my shit together, or if by then i've remembered where i was supposed to be going.
  14. I live in the counbtry. SO I just drive around in the country roads and toke.

  15. LOL, just wait for a stater to pull up, or a sheriff. theyll teach ya a thing or two about jurisdiction.

    I dont drive sober, why pass up the opportunity to burn a few when your in yer car with the music blastin? actually about the only time I drive the speed limit.
  16. I always drive high, but I dont like it most of the time. Especially when its dark out. Its pretty hard seein when its dark.

    I always warn my friends that Im not the best high driver, but they dont seem to care, they always pressure me to take em places while baked.

    I like to just chill in one or two places, but I always seem to drive all over.

    I get lost VERY often when im high. Whoever is ridin shotgun has to guide me. I could be in the center of town and need directions (ive lived here all my life)
  17. damn, i always smoked in my car. always hotboxxed, always smoked bowls/bongs/blunts while driving. its not like driving drunk at all, its easy as hell. i used to think it was like a video game and shit like someone said before, but now its too easy since im always high when i drive.

  18. me and my friends used to go on a high ride like 4 times a day (roadee as you call it??) and hotboxed most of the time , its so much fun but weve cut back on them for some reason ssssssss,woops finger wa son key
  19. Yep, all the fuckin time. A car is a portable smoking spot, of course I'm going to smoke in mine. Unfortunately enough I'm borrowing a car right now, and it happens to be a massive SUV so I can't really get it too hazy in there, but since I smoke in my car, I subsequently have to drive high a lot. It definitely doesn't impair my driving skills, if anything it just makes me more patient. Although I did clip a parked car once while some girls I know were smoking in the back. Personally, I blame it on the bitches, not the bud.

    I used to be against driving high, because, like most people, I assumed alcolhol and weed impaired you in the same way, which, obviously they don't or we'd all be smashing through telephone poles every other day. Then one day, while I was hotboxing in the garage with my parents home, and all of a sudden one of them called me asking me to get more groceries (I had left a note saying I'd left for the grocery store thinking, "Well, if I get away with it then yay, but if not, I can just say I was about to leave and pull out right away if they come in"). So I got out of there, terrified and baked out of my mind, and after noticing that I hadn't caused any 15 car pile ups in the immediate vicinity, I decided it wasn't really that bad.
  20. i feel safer drivin with someone that's high. I've been on a ton a high rides and we never wrecked or anything. I cant wait till get my own car...

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