driving high?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dagreennitelite, Apr 11, 2003.

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  1. a few of my friends that dont smoke keep telling me that driving while high is just as bad as driving while drunk- I disagree- what do yall think
  2. yeah its annoying cause i cant prove it, amd they dont really understand cause they never smoke...but they look at me like im crazy when i say its not that bad, oh well
  3. I can smoke a joint as im riding down the highway if I want to, I dont think it effects me that bad like alcohol.
  4. i might not be what you would consider a seasoned smoker but i have to say that i strongly agree. i think it is dangerous to drive or operate machinery while you might be even a little baked.

    People just should\'nt take chances like that. Contrary to what other people might say or think, marijuana is a potentially powerful drug therefore it should be respected just like alcohol or anything else for that matter.

    But if you can handle yourself then hey that\'s your thing but that\'s just my opinion.
  5. I agree- I don\'t think it\'s a good idea. If i\'d cained a bottle of JD would you give me my car keys? I fucking hope not. Driving stoned is just not worth the risk- fucking handle it or not I would never do something like that- you\'re toying with a ton of metal traveling at at least 30mph. Beleive me when I tell you that if that ploughs into a little kid they are FUCKED.
  6. i see what youre sayin

    i would kill myself if i hurt somebody becuase i was high

    dont get mad at me though it was just a question :)
  7. I drive high all the time...and don\'t plan on stopping anytime soon
  8. I like puffin a fatty when i\'m cruisin through the desert, but i never really have to drive in traffic stoned and sometimes will drive 100 miles and only see 1 car.

  9. I dont know if its the weed I have but I get black spots in my vision when smoking. some Australian stuff is good stuff
    anyways based on the fact that I get black spots and that I once tried to reverse my car out of the driveway stoned and couldnt figure out that I wasnt moving because I was in neutral
    Driving stoned aint good for me.
  10. i don\'t drive yet. gonna get lessons when i have enough money (damn my cheap parents).

    but i\'ve got friends who tell me that they\'re simply so paranoid when they drive stoned that they keep to like 5 miles an hour. lol

  11. Well, then i guess i\'ve been been driving under the inflance four 4 years now.... that means i\'ve been doing something illegal every time i enter a car.....i disagree that its the same, cause with erb you have total control of your self....
  12. more dangerous....? thats balogna. <- why does that not look like it reads \'ba-low\'nee\'..? anyway. you wana prove it....? get high and take that drunk test that cops give ya when they pull you over.
  13. yeah, but can you take the drunk-test without laughing? haha a friend of mine got pulled baked and they tested him, and he started laughing so hard he tripped on a curb and faceplanted.

    One time we just finished blazin\' a bowl in my ride and we rolled into town to go to the movies n saw a cop, my friend says \"hey, a cop, don\'t look stoned\", and i asked him \"Well what to unstoned people look like\" and he says \"Definitely not like us, we look to happy to be stuck in rush hour traffic\"

  15. I drive stoned whenever i get the chance ;)

    driving sober is just...........so......................................BORING!!! :D

  16. Not even, its just unavoidable not to drive while baked.... and unless you get that messed up from smoking shouldn\'t affect driving skills all that much...

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