Driving down the highway..

Discussion in 'General' started by MihoSayuri, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I-75, to be exact,
    and we see a semi truck that's been pulled over,
    and cops pulling at LEAST six foot pot trees out of the back.
    Tons of them.
    Can't find if it was in the news,
    but damn it was interesting.
    Could smell it too.
  2. Here is a snippet of how the news may go:

    "Authorities have recently discovered approximately 50 pot plants in the back of a semi truck during a routine traffic stop"

    'I was extremely surprised" Said officer Huxley.
    "The street value of those 50 plants would be well over 55 million, and we've done a great thing in keeping these terrorists off the streets of Florida" Huxley continued.

    Reporting live from I-75, this is Zonyc with over-exaggerated news 12, good bye.
  3. terrorists? not even close
  4. The comment about terrorism is pitiful.

    It's embarrassing that people across America have been brainwashed into thinking that there's a relationship between marijuana production and terrorism. The vast majority of the marijuana consumed in the US is produced here as well. Terrorists have profited from the drug trade; there's no doubt about it. Marijuana is not one of the drugs they've been peddling, though. It's simply not profitable enough because people around the world grow it themselves without much difficulty.

    I'm embarrassed for that police officer and for our nation in general.
  5. well that sucks,,,,

    i got i-75 in my backyard,,,,,

    i didnt smell this shipment when it went by,,,,,

    must have been early in the morning,,,,,:cool:
  6. Reminds me of super troopers:smoking:
  7. This thread is the essence of grasscity

  8. Umm, yeah I actually just made that whole thing up, it was meant as a joke lol....
  9. I didnt think 75 went all the way down to florida? Thought it ended around atlanta or something?
  10. I was going to point that out when I saw the reactions...but then I was like "Fuck it, let's see how this plays out"
  11. thats terrible news. that saddens me more becuase im not too far from there..over in whorelando
  12. Comes way the fuck down into Fla, too. I've chiefed it up on 175 in mad states on road trips. :smoke:

  13. lol damn! I should have kept it goin!
  14. Wouldn't the only drug funding terrorists be opiates due to the opium production in Afghanistan?
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    I bet the trucker was playing this.

  16. lmao @ that song. I made an mp3 copy and on it goes to the ipod!
  17. I'm visiting my Dad in Florida right now, and we actually saw a truck pulled over on 75 the other day. Truck was there for quite some time. I have no idea if it was the same truck, but damn; small world.
  18. I'm sorry to do this but...

    A truck pulled over on I-75... a rather large interstate? YOU DON'T SAY :eek:
  19. since when is 50 plants that can only prolly get a pound at the most and that was prolly mids so lets say 1600 a pound x 50 = 80000 dollars i think thats a few grand off of 55million. lol

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