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Driving Cross Country With Bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by smitty6819, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Hey everybody, in a few weeks i will be moving into college in Colorado. I currently live near Chicago. because of all the stuff I have to bring out there my family will be driving me. I really want to bring some bud out there because I wont have any hookups the first few days. Im talking a small amount, no more than an eigth. I was wondering how risky it would be for me to drive from Chicago to Colorado with weed in my car. Should I do it or is it not worth the risk. Thanks!
  2. The risk depends on how much you have to lose. It's not very likely you'll be caught, though, as you're not crossing country borders. Just be cool.
  3. If you're family will be driving you, I think you'll be straight. Even if you -were- to get pulled over, I don't think like it would look like anything suspicious. I assume you and your family would comply with the police and unless your family is really shady looking, I really doubt troll would have any reason to even search the vehicle. I say go for it man, I just took a quat to ohio from florida with no issues. Driving., btw. Just hide it in a good place in case of worst case scenario.
  4. Exactly.

    My only other piece of advice is you might want to rethink the quantity, :rolleyes:.
  5. agreed. ^
  6. The truth, it is very very unlikely you'll get caught. I'd bring an O of some top grade stuff. That way you can be chill and make connections at your own pace. No rush, make some smoking buddies, smoke each other out etc.
  7. I agree with everyone else so far. The chances of getting caught in this situation are extremely thin. Especially if your parents are driving, the only way you're going to get searched is if you start acting super paranoid and sketchy, and that's if you even get pulled over to begin with. Basically, the only way you're realistically going to get busted is if you give yourself away.

    I also fully agree that you should be bringing at least half an ounce. I would honestly bring more (probably an ounce), but if you want to be super careful, 20 grams is the magic amount in many states (and federally) at which fines/ penalties get much steeper. I don't know how much or how often you smoke, but it is best to give yourself plenty of time to develop quality connections. You're very lucky to be heading to Colorado, as from what I gather, it is about as Bud friendly as it gets there (with the possible exception of California, of course). So you've got the college thing going for you, and a reasonably laid back state... but it is always advisable to set yourself up so that you have plenty of breathing room, just in case. Better safe than dry, know what I mean?

    That being said, you really shouldn't have any problems at all unless you go out of your way to screw yourself over. Good luck and enjoy!
  8. Yeah man one else has it covered, what college are you attending? Wvu its as un pot friendly as humanly possible, lucky me
  9. Well, if you're in the Denver Metro area, you may not even need to bother. Weed flows like water here man, it's ridiculous how easy it is to find.

    Fort Collins is supposed to be really cool too. Don't know about anywhere else.
  10. no shit, your not gonna get caught. especially with your family. and if you have to move a bunch of shit then hide it ina random spot no1 would look. Also, if you gonna take an 8th why dont you take a larger quanity dude. i would take like a QP until i got some STEADY hook ups lol.

    u wont get caught.
  11. People act like holding weed on you is like hiding a dead body. The only way you'd get searched is if you get pulled over and honestly, how often does that happen? And furthermore, if you get pulled over, you'd only get searched is if the officer has "probable cause". DON'T give him probable cause. Be cool, be courteous, be respectful, address him as "sir" or "officer" and let him know whatever you did won't happen again.
  12. No cop is going to search all the bags and the entire car of a family driving its son to college. It's probably the best situation to smuggle some weed :p
  13. Everyone else so far is completely right. Bring between a O to a QP, whatever you can afford. An officer cant search your person or your car without probable cause. Plus, the more you bring, the bigger your cushion and also youll meet tons of smoke buddies if YOUR the hook-up. It could even be a way to make some extra cash.
  14. You could just mail it to yourself.....

    Take a Peanut butter jar
    carefully pull back the paper about 3/4 the way off
    baggie your bud up and let it dive into the peanut butter (shove it down)
    glue the paper part back
    mail it with no return address and you should be set :)

    *had a friend do this when he was moving from Cali to New Mexico

    Good Luck
  15. I literally met 3 drug dealers within an hour of my parents leaving me at the dorms. And I wasn't even really looking for them. College is legit. And if you happen to be bringing a desktop computer or guitar amp these items are ideal places to hide weed. Both generally have large empty space and are somewhat difficult and unlikely to be looked inside of.
  16. i actually just got back from colorado and im near chicago:eek: weird. but i drove out there with my mom and i had a half o in my pack in the trunk. no problems. i even got pulled over for having a head light out and they didnt search the car. if your car doesnt smell like bud than you'll be fine.
  17. Man you should bring an ounce or two. There's no difference between a nickel bag and a ounce, there both a misdemeanor. And you'll be fine cops don't usually fuck with familys.

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