Driving by Police stations

Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Hello City,
    I was just thinking about when I pic up weed, I drive by two police stations there and two police stations back. Kinda Ironic huh? (I need a new route)
  2. It sucks when your high and you see some poor smuck getting arrested or pulled over.

    I cant help but think "fuck.. that could be me"
  3. Luckily the forms in RI for medical marijuana were released april 1st, so soon enough I will have the right to transport it to my house.
  4. when ive got my bullet packed, i make a point of taking a hit when i drive by cop shops.. it just looks like im lighting a cigarette the way i do it
  5. Im in a simular situation myself acually when I go to my buddys house to smoke he lives beside the cheif of police for my citys house and I have to park before his house and walk to my buddys right past his house.

    In the summer hes out doing stuff in his yard and what not I walk past him bud on me, bong, pipes, joints you name it its scary hehe keep it all in a backpack.

    spokey :smoking:
  6. i prefer chance .... that is getting close at all to the police ... and definitely not intentionally drive by one while i was carrying .. or smokin

    my 1.2 cents
  7. Just in time for april 20th :D
  8. i think that even when i'm NOT doing anything wrong. Fucking cops. See what they do to ya?? Scare you even when you're not breaking the law....or 5 over even...
  9. you know i guess how the cops are depends where your from. where I live cops don't seem too bad. I've yet to have a run in or pulled over for anything but when I was speeding. It sucks if you live where cops are pricks I imagine. I mean I see some of your guys posts about getting your balls busted by cops and I actually feel bad.
  10. One of my friends lives in an apartment above a police station. It's just some place they go for paperwork or something, pretty small, but there's always a couple cop cars parked in front. Usually three or four on the weekend nights. It sucks.
  11. I parked my car in front of a cop shop, because there were no parking spots in front of the headshop so I had to go around the block. Needless to say I had no idea it was a police station. Bought a mini zong, started to smoke in my car, then two police officers come out, take my peice and leave me. Luckily I only had one bowl worth of weed.

  12. :mad: yea i kinda feel you on this one going to my friends house i pass the main police station in my town but just like many others of you we always make sure to light something up as we pass it also a undercover cop lives essentially right across the street from him a black cwon vick heh o well another day
  13. My dealers house is a street away from the police station...Cops around here couldnt give a fuck if ur holding weed or stoned.Theyll either tell u 2 move on n have a good night or if u get a cunt copper he'll take ur weed n smoke it himself.

  14. hahahah, reading that, and then see the clapping hands around youre name applauding you, haha that was hilarious :D
  15. yeh me and Sir TokeAlot sometimes smoke across the road at some bushes from the cop station and we hav yet to be caught:wave:
  16. my next door neighbor is the cheif of police for my township and across the street is the Fire Dept Cheif. im surrounded

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