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Driving and Smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by EliToker, Mar 5, 2003.


How does being high affect your driving?

  1. I'm safer stoned than sober

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  2. I'd better get a designated driver before I spark this blunt

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  3. I'm always a good (or bad) driver

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  1. How do you think being high affects your driving. For me, as long as I'm not too stoned to see straight or walk, I think it actually makes me a little better. Two reasons for this belief. One, I tend to pay a little more attention since I know I'm stoned and would be screwer if I got pulled over (especially since I'm usually smoking in the car also.) Two, I feel like I get into a sort of rhythm or "zone" if you will. It's like when you're sober and your driving and you can't remember how you got somewhere but you know it happened safely, you just sort of zone out and some part of your brain takes over... What do you guys think?
  2. I think I'm timing is better, my breaking, my attention span :) when I'm sober, I'm too easily distracted, but when I'm high I pay attention (but I drive faster when I'm stoned...I love racing people in my mom's Monte Carlo...that car is fast!)
  3. whoa, i luv to drive high. i drive for 50miles plus in on directon and turn around. I luv it at night. everything looks like models, as in a train set. or fake
  4. driving stoned slows me down, relaxes me, and i always pay attention, thats just the way i am. i am a better driver stoned, which is good because i usually drive stoned and smoking. got a 6 hour low ride ahead of me come this weekend.
  5. I cant legally drive but I always feel safe if the driver is a bit stoned, normally cos I am as well!
  6. I drive about the same when I'm high, as I do when I'm sober. I don't like driving high, but I will if I have to.
  7. So, here's another question... considering that no one so far thinks that smoking makes them a worse driver, does anybody know anyone who's been in an accident because they were stoned. This new anti drug commercial says, "one in two drivers who tested positive for drugs also tested positive for marijuana" and talks about someone who drove himself into a tree stoned. I truly don't mean to offend anyone who might have lost a friend or loved one to an accident of this type, but this statistic seems like complete bullshit to me. Firstly, marijuana is probably the easiest drug to catch people doing in a car, since it's almost impossible to conceal the smell in an enclosed space like that. Secondly, of all the people who are on "drugs" at any given point, I would wager that a huge percentage of them are under the influence of marijuana. I really think these anti-drug ads are just another step in the disturbing war on drugs... this one involves half-truths and bald-faced propaganda.
  8. i have no problem driving baked , most my sessions throughout the day actually happen while im driving somewhere. But i wouldnt go as far as to say im a better driver , i think its impossiable to be a better driver if your brain isnt functioning like its meant to function. But me personally i have no problem driving high, i wouldnt say im a "better" driver though.

  9. The thing about this one ad in particular...I could get in a car wreck today...(I'm knocking on wood!) and if I were tested, they could say that I tested postive for THC. They'll say that I'm on drugs and under the influence...but I haven't been high for 33 days. I still probably have some THC in my system since I was a daily chronic smoker before my break. They don't take things like this into consideration. It is ALL half-truths when it comes to these ads. In another thread, I explained about the tar and the half-truths involved with that. In my opinion, half-truths are LIES and they are lying to the general public on a daily basis.

    I can drive while high but I prefer to be chauffeured around when I'm stoned off my ass.
  10. haha sweet, my boy robbie has a monti carlo its awsome.
  11. safer to drive stoned than to try driving when tired

  12. definately agree with that statement.

    both the wrecks i have been in, i was completely sober. one i was driving too fast around a gravel curve, just stupidity on my part. the second was trying to stop with shittty tires in the rain and i hydroplaned missed the car in front of me that was turning by inches. ended up in the ditch. the first instance would never have happened stoned, the second was kind of inevitable, had i been stoned i may have hit the other car, i made the choice to end up in the ditch instead of the car. perhaps i would have made the same choice stoned i will never know.
  13. perhaps when stoned you would have made a turn to miraciously turn and save both your and the other persons car, scratch free.


    well most ppl i know drive fine stoned
  14. i think its different for everyone, a friend of mine seems to have trouble while driving stoned, but i seem to drive better while bunned, i dont speed, im attentive, in a good mood instead of having road rage or something, plus chilling at red lights kicks so much ass.
  15. i can drive well sober or high. I just get a lil more forgetful when im baked......
  16. i personally don't think it has any real affect on driving...for some people it's a placebo though, they think it makes them better or worse so they drive better or worse

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