Driving Across The Country With Weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by squat, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Has anyone done this? I'm 18 years old and I'm flying out to California to stay with my sister on the beach for a week at the end of June. Then I'm driving back the car I'm buying from her (2006 Mazda rx8). I have to drive all the way from basically Los Angeles to Baton Rouge Louisiana. My mom says that's a 3 day drive. My question: is it safe if I roll a lot of joints and drive back with them so I can have something to smoke on while I drive? Are edibles safe? I have access to anything in a dispensary while out there :)
    I just don't wanna reach a checkpoint and be screwed, you know?
  2. I wouldn't say its safe but it can be done. 
  3. What would be smart precautions? Would it be smarter for me to keep the bud In a ziplock in a deodorizer along with a pipe or what? I just really don't wanna be bored as heck for 3 days cause I can't be stoned. Any way to fool dogs?
  4. Putting the stuff in airtight bags in your trunk would be smart. You can smoke on the road just dont get pulled over. When traveling with weight its good to have another car leading the way that you just trail the whole way,I wouldnt expect you to be able to find someone to do that though.
  5. Yeah I'll be alone. And alright. I think i can handle it, how hard can it be to outsmart a bunch of dogs and pigs? ;)
  6. you dont have to stop at any "checkpoints" for long drives
    honestly, highways are probably the safest place on the road to be smoking/possessing since cops dont fuck with you as much on the highway unless you're speeding or otherwise give them a reason.
    good luck to you.  and since you brought up edibles, they might be a good choice because they're inconspicuous and will keep you high for a nice long day of driving.
  7. So there's no place where cops stop all the cars and let a dog sniff the cars? I swear I've seen those before
  8. So there's no place where cops stop all the cars and let a dog sniff the cars? I swear I've seen those before
  9. drove to cali from michigan and back with weed and didnt get pulled over once
  10. Actually you will go through 1 or 2 checkpoints, dependant upon the route taken. Google agricultural and immigration checkpoints for the route you are taking. Know where they are and insure you are aired out by the time you approach them. :smoke:
  11. So there's no way to get through them with weed? Agh, I'll try and plan a route around them
    You can get through them, just be careful. Sometimes I have seen dogs there sometimes not. Usually the handler will be by the side as you drive up to another that will ask you a few questions.
    You definately don't want to have just finished a joint and then see them. :smoke:
  13. Holy moly crappioli.
  14. Holy moly crappioli.

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