Drivin high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nestacle, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Lol so my buddy got of work at 8 so i decided to stop over and smoke 2 fat joints of some good nugget i picked it up tonight. We smoked em down and i bailed right as they were hittin me good.

    I drove home a good few minutes with my headlights off. Good things no cops out tonight lol. Im surprised I even made it home

    U guys ever drive high?
  2. Driving high is fun. I do it all the time. Really fun if you have some good music and nice system.
  3. you probably shouldnt drive high.
  4. What about if you're driving stick, think I'll be able to coordinate that?
  5. i look at it like a video game:smoking:
  6. yeah it's fine if you know your tolerance and aren't blazed out of your mind. I do it quite often I just know not to smoke too much when I'm getting ready to go somewhere. It makes driving less boring to me and I drive a stick. I would say just know your limits!:smoking:

  7. The only difference is when you hit more people at once you don't get bonus points, you get bonus years in jail! Fun fun!

    *insert sarcasm here*
  8. I smoke and drive almost every day for over a year, and i drive a manual. No accidents, No tickets, Never even been pulled over. I think driving high depends on how you react to the bud, if it completely knocks you on your ass where you cant even walk strait, DON'T DRIVE.
  9. you best be knocking on wood or something dude
  10. when im sober i think of driving this way lol +rep
  11. Lol i do have a pretty good sound system in my jeep. Infinity in the doors and 2 12inch mtx's in rear.

    This bud i picked up tonight is pretty fucking good for 150 an oz.
  12. I try not to drive high but when I do it's pretty neat.

    However, I hate driving while blazed.

    And I got a Bose sound system so it kicks pretty good
  13. Some of my friends don't like driving high either, but I've honestly never had a problem with it.
    You can still be completely in control of everything, you just have to concentrate a bit more. It gets a bit easier with a higher tolerance I guess, but as long as you go slow and think about what you're doing its not nearly as bad as you might think.
  14. i've done it but it scares the shit out of me so if I'm gonna be smoking I usually get a ride with someone else or walk to wherever we're meeting to toke.

  15. Ya me too.. I drive a stick and i have perfected the art of packing and smoking a bowl while driving no problems.. but it did take time to learn such a valueable skill.. but you must know your limits
  16. I do it all the time and I drive a 6 speed, it all depends on the person....i do tend to drive a bit faster than normal though
  17. Driving high just takes skill, its not something you should try when your completely stoned though
  18. What the hell are you talking about? It doesn't affect your motor skills nor judgment.
  19. I drive high daily, and have been since.. i want to say last August. As stated above just know your limits. I have to drive on the highway for most of my daily driving, so the first time I smoked to much, it was pretty fuckin crazy.
  20. i drive blazed all the time..i live 8 hrs from home (college), so i roll up 4 blunts smoke most of a blunt every 2 hrs while driving down the fl turnpike, not to fawned of driving high at night though so i just take the 8 hr drive around 10 am get there during sunlight so i just get blazed outts my mind on the drives its fun shit. makes the drive seem like it was 3 hrs not 8, especially by yourself.

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