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  1. I dont know if im the only one like this but this is something i been wanting to rave and rant about for a while now.

    Of all my friends im the only one with both a car and a drivers liscense. People are always asking me for rides, sometimes if i pick a person up they take forever to come outside, they have people with them i dont know without telling me and just hop in. Gas prices are up the ass these days and are gonna up more! A smokeout or some gas money is nice. What i mostly hate is when we have weed and dont have a place to smoke it and theyre like "so what are we gonna do now?" and im just like "im not driving in circles to decide whats next, we can sit here with the windows rolled down until we have a plan". I dont like to smoke in my car because theres tonz of cops in my town.

    So is there anyone else of there friends that always have to drive and put up with shit?
  2. YES!

    I am also the only one in my circle of friends with a (currently) functioning vehicle and people are always hitting me up for rides. Usually it doesn't bug me to help friends out but some of them are getting to feel pretty entitled when it comes to getting rides places. I was giving this chick a ride to the bank once a week to cash her paycheck and the other day I couldn't go and she had the balls to send me a paragraph long bitch fest about how much I had inconvenienced HER because I wasn't able to pick her up.

    I sent her a message back saying she can now find her own goddamn ride to the bank and I sent messages to all my friends saying that if they want rides from now on they're gonna have to cough up cash or green cuz the nice guy era is over.

  3. I feel you man, you need to cut back on any free rides, straight up tell them gas is getting pricey and your not made of money, smoke up or gtfo
  4. Yup Im the driver but I put my foot down.

    Gas money if you need a ride.

    If I dont know you dont hop in my fucking car without persmission.

    And if you guys dont know where to go just hop out of your car and smoke next to it. I mean Ill just roll down the windows and smoke in my car if everyone is already in there. What do you expect when you invite people in to your ride with weed?
  5. Everyone who asks me a ride offers gas money or something similar. I don't even have to ask.

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