Drivers with no common sense...girl almost hit me today...

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  1. So today, I finish up at school and I'm leaving the parking deck.  There is 2 gates side by side to pass through to get out of the garage.  You put in your paid ticket and the gate opens up.  Once you leave the parking garage there's 2 lanes to go into, the left lane which then makes you turn left, or the right lane which makes you turn right.
    The left exit basically leads into the left lane and the right exit to the left lane, though you can get in either lane from either exit.  If you take the left exit it's much easier to get into the left lane because there is so much traffic and if you go out the right exit then you're going to have a tough time getting in the left lane because the cars are already backed up so you need someone to let you cut infront of them.
    Better to go out the left side because you have a better chance in getting in the lane without blocking the other lane or anything else.
    Still there are so many clueless people who go out the right exit to try to get in the left lane.  I notice one guy there just completely stopped in that right exit trying to cross usual.  So I go to the left exit even though I want the right lane, this is much easier than doing it the other way around because I'm not going to block the lane by doing this.  I figure I will get right past the guy who is stopped waiting for an opening for who knows how long.
    Anyway, after I get my gate to open, someone had let that guy go.  But now there's another idiot girl who is blocking the whole lane and just sticking out,  Meanwhile, there is a bus in the lane so she basically has no opening at all, just blocking the lane.  I honk at her to show I want that lane she's blocking and she has room to back up and open it but she gives me a look as if she really doesn't care.
    Well, you know when you're on the highway and you want to get into the left lane but someone behind you wants to too, when a car passes they can take the lane before you because the car passed them first.  This was my situation.  So I'm like OK this girl is a dickhead I'll just take the left lane and get behind the bus as it passes.  I do it and this girl is so dumb that she's like trying to hit my car.  As if she was in the lane or something...I don't know what she was thinking. So she's trying to hit me and then she starts screaming out her window like trying to get "ghetto" and just had the ugliest angry face on.  It was amusing.  I didn't really want to get into an incident where she hit my car though.  So I eventually just let her cut me off in the most reckless way possible, instead of crashing, though it would've been her hitting me.
    I can't stand idiots.

  2. Just horrible news. Really feel for you.
  3. I'm fucking really glad we have no left exits.
  4. Man I'm sorry if it's just because I'm high but this was took too long to read through do a TLDR at least..,,.

    But yeah that sucks what a crazy bitch, what state are you in?
  5. I'm in NJ.  Never know when a chick might be psycho.
  6. I've been hit 4 times by 4 different people, all of them being when I'm biking across the street with me having the right of way, them turning right into me as soon as both my wheels are in the street. Cars are crazy 2000 lb death machines.

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  7. You have to be careful not to ride on sidewalks for this reason.  I'm always worried a bikers going to come out of nowhere but it would be your fault.
  8. definitely need to be careful.  I skate a lot, and when I ride my longboard on the sidewalks I really have to keep my attention up.  So many times I have been almost hit when someone is pulling out of a parking lot/business/driveway and I'm riding by them and they look one way but don't look the way I'm coming, and end up pulling out hitting me/almost hitting me.  
    This one time this girl who was pulling out of her apt complex was just staring at her cell phone while pulling out.  Luckily for me I was just staring at her so I knew she wasn't paying attention.  I slowed down while going past her just in case i gotta bail off, well the second i go past her, she comes out and clips me with her car.  
    She just looked at me and had the most freaked out expression on her face, and kept mouthing "sorry".  I was kinda mad cuz she just wasn't paying attention what so ever.
  9. Left turns man.

    They kill people.
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    Hey man I'm a pro truck driver and the first thing they told us in driving school is right of way don't mean shit. YOU are responsible for making sure you're travel path is safe. Yes the car driver is at fault but the method we are taught is ESTABLISH EYE CONTACT, make sure they see that you are about to go into the road. I bike and longboard all over and it works every time. 
  11. Yea I always look to make eye contact.  Even with shades on people still can feel it.
    I see many idiot bike riders just asking to get hit.  It's really like they're on a suicide mission.  First off, you're a vehicle on the road.  You need to obey traffic laws.  You don't ride on the sidewalk and you don't ride towards oncoming traffic.  You're supposed to ride with traffic and wear some bright clothing to help you out.
    I've seen so many bike riders riding towards oncoming traffic and just being plain stupid, lucky that the drivers were alert enough to see this kid coming.  Many times you can't see them anyway because cars are blocking so you need to be extra careful and ride in the road.
  12. sounds like my ride to and from work everyday...
    LA traffic really sucks. especially people who drive 20+ miles under the speed limit and have super wide gaps between them and the car in front and the only other lane has another slow driver doing the same creating a moving roadblock..
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    Almost getting hit at low speed exiting a garage because you are too impatient to wait an extra minute makes it sound like there were two idiots that day.

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