Driveby killed my family!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mrjoker100, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. guys, i dunno what to do. an hour ago me and my family were sitting on the front porch when a black mercedes droveby and shot the shit out of my parents and sister! i narrowly escaped because i ducked right away...i really dont know what to
  2. call the cops
  3. First you post this BULLSHIT in Recreational Marijuana Use, and now you are posting here in Real Life Stories... Don't be a shithead joker and post your bullshit elsewhere.

    peace and happy tokes
  4. well..ill be fucked in the goat ass if you dont have any fucking common sense at all
  5. well bend over Norm cuz here come tha goats!

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  6. You didn't get the hint the first time? Why not post something a bit more constructive?

  7. I didnt even notice this was another drive by claim..

    yeah, why DONT you post something more constructive. like how your not a cop or something cool like that.
  8. or at least defend yourself agains the claims that you have a dick in your ear..or somethin..sheez.
  9. i think he likes haveing a dick in his ear....

    and i still havent gotten the latte stains out of my shit yet ither

    so what should i do ?

    who gives a fuck about your drivebys anyway?

    we dont

    all we want to do is smoke pot and laff at each other !!!!
  10. were is mrjoker did he get kicked out or something?
  11. he never comes back to post on theses threads twice
  12. as he shouldnt

  13. you would have been more believable if you had told us that you had killed your family and wanted to tell someone about it
  14. Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame....

    Get the point? :)

  15. very very true.
  16. man... your a fucking loser.. .why even post something like that?
  17. i think he wants to see how many times we call him a loser?
  18. You suck mrjoker go away

  19. Soem kid got expelled from my school for stickin his dick in a girls ear... true story
  20. hahahahahahahjahaha

    im stoned..thats funny...hahahahahahahaha

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