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drive-thru irony

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by befuddled, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I was stoned and watching tv and the kfc commercial came on about the new double down (2 pieces of chicken on the end, bacon and cheese in the middle, no bread). My roommate was like "that is so disgusting... that's enough to kill my appetite."

    For me on the other hand, I was at the KFC drive-thru menu a few minutes later. So I pull up and the girl on the radio says "Welcome to KFC. Would you like to try our new Double Down original crispy or new grilled chicken?" I said "yes, I would actually." Her response, "Oh. Well that'll be six minutes. Do you still want it?"

    WTF?!? Why are you openly offering something that you're not prepared to give??? Fuck that's just mean... Well I was so set on trying this stupid thing that I said yes, and they had me pull around the front and I waited almost exactly 6 minutes and one of the workers brought it out to me.

    As for the Double Down, I couldn't get comfortable eating it with my hands, it just didn't feel right. I ended up putting it between two pieces of sandwich bread and it was quite satisfying.
  2. your askin for it eatin stuff like that, what i feed my dog is probably more healthy than kfc
  3. its popular man...
  4. This reminds me so much of the Ren & stimpy Episode "bad dads", where they look after Kowalski, and he demands a "meat on meat" sandwich, with a nice glass of meat to drink.

    Pity i can't find the clip on youtube :(
  5. speaking of drive-thru's. did anyone else experience some crazy ass long lines on 420? i went to taco bell at about 11 pm on 420, ended up waiting about 10 minutes with 15 cars infront of me. yes 15 cars to the exact

  6. lol yea man i went by a whataburger close to my house and that bitch looked like they must had been giving out money or something. ive never seen it that packed.
  7. Double down is better for you (fewer calories and less fat) than the flagship sandwiches at McDonald's (the Big Mac), Burger King (the Whopper) AND at Wendy's (Baconator Single).

    I ate mine with a fork and knife with a side of mashed potatos. It was fantastic and less greasy then their regular Original Recipe.
  8. To bad you didnt have anything on you, I would of pulled up to the drive thru window, rolled up my car window and start smoking while I wait. Anyone else ever do this, lite-up and hotbox while waiting on the drive thru.
  9. I am definatly looking forward to trying it, it looks fantastic. Is it expensive?
  10. Like $8 or so for the "sandwich", one side and a drink. I think of it more as a two-breast meal than a sandwich. Definitely too pricey for me to make it a regular thing.
  11. whenever im told to pull up at a fast food drive thru i always agrue with them and tell em that if i wanted to pull up in wait id went inside, i came through the drive through bc i was in a its suppose to be FAST yea if they tell you to pull up tell them no, i always do and the time it takes for me to complain my food is done...although you should never piss someone off who handles your food...

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