Drive Through... Twice? O.o

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    So back in my college days I'd often get stoned & then head for the drive-through.
    This must have happened to me at least 15 times, probably more.
    "Hi, welcome to taco bell, can I take your order?"
    "Sure," I replied, "I'll have 3 steak tacos and a burrito."
    "Ok, your total is $8.37, please drive around to the first window." I drove around.
    I handed the cashier my money. The cashier turns with the money and puts it in the register.
    I leave, driving off towards home.
    I'm a few minutes away (or sometimes almost home) when I realize; I forgot the fucking food.
    I turned around and headed back. I drove up to the order area.
    "Hi, welcome to taco bell, can I take your order?"
    "Umm... yeah. I was just here a few minutes ago and I paid but I forgot my food?"
    "Window 2."
    I drove up to window 2.
    The cashier handed me my food.

    I took it home and ate it.
    [EDIT: Am I really stoned, or is some of this text bigger than the rest? I have a consistent font size in the post when I edit it...]
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  2. Never done that, but it'd be funny.  And nope, not just you, some of the font is different.  Weird
  3. I've done that at hardees. Bought like 40 bucks worth of chicken, paid, and just drove away. Came back like 20 minutes later and everyone was laughing at me.
    Done that with gas too. I've done that alot actually. Pulled up to the pump, went in, paid, just got back in my car and drove away. lmao
  4. Nope. I've gone through, got my food.. then just went through again right after though :laughing:
  5. HELL NO. I love food, I would never forget it and leave it behind, especially after paying for it :smoke:

    When I read this thread, I thought you meant drive around for different orders because we do that all the time lol.

    Late at night, they usually only take one or 2 orders at a time around here. So we'd order something, then drive right on through it again. Of course it's funny as fuck to us because we're stoned.... but to the workers...they were probably pissed lol. We'll load up one car and have 5+ people with different orders. No shame!
  6. That was fucking funny..
    lol.. My humor for tonight!!
  7. I've gone through, got food, ate the food quickly and gone back through for more food again haha. my friends and i do this alot actually when we blaze
  8. theres a drive thru place in my town called Java Joes, and they serve alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, coffees, daquiris, margaritas, etc. they also serve jello shots of various flavors. the drink sizes can be as large as half gallon for parties. the 3 standard sizes are regular white foam cups and the guy will serve it to you in your car(remember this place is ONLY drive-thru) with a lid on it, and a little piece of red tape over the straw hole, he will also give you a straw... this blew me away when i went there with a friend. i couldnt believe it was legal.its literally the red tape that makes it legal.,.
  9. My friend once stole a half tank of gas once because he forgot to pay haha

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  10. LOL that killed me.
    I just imagined you doing that. 
    "Hey bitch $10 on pump one"
    *speeds off*
    The dude is just like wtf.
    :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :ey:  :ey:   :yay:  :hello:
  11. ^Man i've had times were i pulled into a regular parking spot and paid for gas on a pump i wasn't even at :p
  12. I've done that at a gas station. Paid for my gas. Bought some gum while in the gas station. And drove off with no gas. LOLOLOL came back 10 minutes later and had to convince the cashier what had happened lol
  13. how do you forget the food? the employee at the window doesn't give it to you??
  14. Two ways.
    1) food isn't ready yet, so they take the money and I'm supposed to wait but my brain is like "transaction complete, time to go."

    2) This was a big college town so the fast food places were big and well staffed. They often had one window taking money, and the other window giving out the food.
    I'd drive up to he money window and pay, then drive off right past the food window.
  15. I could never forget my food. Niggas is crazy. The hardest part about drive through is that there are so many decisions and I'm like uh...uh... Then I get home and I hate the food that I've chosen.

    I've also called to order pizza and just laughed and laughed to the point where I had to hang up and call back.
  16. The only time i went in the drive thru twice is because i munch out alot. 
  17. cant say ive ever went to a drive through so nah, this never happened. 
    i cook all my own shit, and usually id take 2-3 hours to cook and by the end im like fuck this im not even hungry anymore. 
    also this is usually at the end of a late night shift, so im up cooking at 12-1am and dont finish until 3-4am lol
    my entire family gets pissed but im like sorry there is no food in the house so i need to cook my own shit, theres not much they can do.... 

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