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  1. Ok so I've concluded that some of my best times being stoned have been at fast food drive-throughs. I don't know why, but they provide many classic moments. Feel free to share your stories.

    Here's one I can vaguely remember:
    Me and two of my friends were baked out of our minds after smoking about 4 blunts of some good shit between us. We decided to go to Popeyes Chicken because we were all very hungry. We didn't want to go inside so we spend about 10 minutes driving through the parking lot trying to find the place to pull in for the drive through. We got lost multiple times. We finally make it and order our food. We decide to order our food one at a time so I go first, friend A goes second. When it is friend B's turn to order he pauses for what seems like 5 minutes then starts yelling into the speakerphone at the person taking the order. He yells "CAN I HAVE A NUMBER 2?!?!?!?! WITH EXTRA BISCUITS!". The person taking his order doesn't seem to understand him so he repeats the last part of his phrase: "LET ME HAVE SOME EXTRA BISCUITS! EXTRA BISCUITS! EXTRA BISCUITS!". The person on the other side says: "So you want a number 2 with extra biscuits...big mistake. My friend starts shouting at her: "YEAH BITCH, I SAID I WANT EXTRA BISCUITS. HOW MANY GODDAMN TIMES DO I HAVE TO REPEAT IT?!?!?!". He goes on for another good 20 seconds. The person on the other end doesn't reply. So we end up sitting there for about 10 minutes wondering where the person went. We finally realize the person had told us 10 minutes ago to pull on through to get our order. So when we pull through, I pay, we get our food. My friend asks the lady: "YOU PUT MY EXTRA BISCUITS IN HERE RIGHT?!?!". Then we just pull off laughing our asses off.

    Any of you guys have interesting/funny Drive-Through-window-while-stoned stories?
  2. Heh, that's a good story. Yeah, it's so easy to space out while high. That's really the only danger in driving high imo.
  3. hahhaha nice story dude ...., 100 bucks says you got some pubes in ur biscuits...:eek:

  4. I was thinking something like that.

    I learned from the movie 'Waiting'. Never fuck with the people who handle your food.
  5. I have a bunch but here are a few.

    One time at Mcdonalds we blazed 2 blunts before going, and my friend convinced me to tell the drive through guy that I have AIDS. So we went up there and I told the guy I have AIDS and tried to put a sad face but I had kind of a smile that was hard to hide. My friend was saying "he's not lying man, look at his face look at his eyes he has glaucoma see his eyes?" And I started to pretend to cry. The guy just walked off. We laughed our asses off. Then this other time at Mcdonalds we both screamed as loud as we could right when we got our food and drove off.

    Then this one time at taco bell I was with my friend Jay:

    Lady: Will that be all for you tonight?
    Me: Yes.
    Jay: Dude you forgot 2 caramel empanadas!
    Me: Oh wait, 2 caramel empanadas!
    Lady: Ok anything else?
    Me: No that will be all
    Lady: Ok your total is $XX please-
    JAy: Dude, I have cotton mouth I need water!
    Me: So do I, wait can you add 2 waters to that?
    Irate Lady: Ok.........first window_
    Me: Fuck! forgot the grande soft taco! One grande soft taco, sorry!
    Me: Uhhhhhhhh, yes! Oh and don't forget the fire sauce please!

    I hope that lady didn't spit in our food
  6. Drive throughs are the best, i usually end up being the driver when after we toke, don't condone it really but what you gunna do?, posted ina dif thread about my cousins pterydactyl call, one of my younger cousins onetime changed his mind like 20 times while he was ordering and kept having to start over again. My 'pterydactyl' cuz likes to fuck with my transmission when i'm stopped(the shifter is on the florr) he will put it in N or when at a stoplight or ordering food.
  7. haha 1 time 3 of us were driving to Jack in the box for some curly fries and milkshakes, and just as we turn onto the main road we hit the curb as we make the left turn (cut it too close) everyones freakin out but we were cool no cops behind us to see. anyways we get there and they are out of curly fries. i go wht the hell? you just take a regular fry and curl it yellin at the speaker.

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