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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. Are there drive-in movie theaters left anywhere?

    All you kids don't know what fun you are missing with the drive-ins long gone. Smoking, drinking, sex, parties, music, dates, etc. It was a one shot stop for teen age fun.

    You could take a date to the drive-in, eat a meal, watch a movie, get drunk, get high, and go parking and make out all in one location without having to drive all over the country. And it was cheap to boot.

    You always had the main first run movie, then a second cheap movie that followed, or then you had a couple of concert movies like "the song remains the same" by Zepplin or a Lyndard Skynard concert movie (this was before MTV and music videos. And then a couple of sex flicks.

    I miss the old drive-ins.

  2. aw, drive ins! this is one thing for sure I wish I had when I was that teenage would know where to find me for sure. smoking, drinking, sex, parties, music, dates, lol and movies! woooooo!
  3. There's a drive-in not too far from where I live. I like can smoke a j in the privacy of your own car and watch a movie on a big ass screen...and do other "stuff.";) That's the life! :)
  4. at the risk of making me feel old, I remember sneaking into the drive in in my buddys trunk....
  5. Hell yeah! But even going back to the pre-car mobility days, the little neighborhood we lived in consisted if basically 5 square blocks, surrounded by open countryside. But by far the coolest thing about the place was the open field at the end of my street. A slow rising hill with an oilfield tank battery at the top was the perfect seat to sit and watch the Drive In, about an 1/8 mile away. During the summer, it was always an impatient wait until the paper came out to see what was going to be playing that night. A rated R movie meant campout in someones backyard, followed by a late night foray to the tank battery. Saw my first naked woman on film at the tender age of 10. Been in love with the female form ever since!

    Sadly, the drive in closed in 72. All those open fields are now car lots, the mall, restaurants, and $85,000 homes with no yards whatsoever sitting where the tank battery used to be. I've often wanted to stop and ask the yuppie folks up on that hill if they're aware that their home is more than likely sitting over an old oil well!

    And nowadays kids just download their porn without leaving their rooms. Y'all got no sense of adventure!:p
  6. There's still a drive in near where I live. It's in the next city, which isn't very far. In fact, I was planning on going tonight with a friend. Isn't that just humorous. So, yes, there is still one around here, and it is the shit. I love the privacy!
  7. Still got a few around here. The drive-ins are a blast when your high and lets say aroused!!!!!!!!!

    I stll go a couple times a year with a nice person.
  8. There's one about 15 mins. away from me...I still go every once in a while in the summer
  9. I ressurected this thread to say: Drive-ins are the shit!!!!!!

    Where I used to live in ohio there are still plenty of drive-ins. I got my first BJ at one near Van Wert.(the theatre that was destroyed in the recent tornado there has a drive-in right beside it, and as far as I know it wasn't touched by the "nado".) Weird how they,(tornados), can be so selectively destructive.
  10. i have many drive ins by my house but its not as exciting as the original poster made it seem. its basicly me and my friends drinking and gettin hi in my car or just me and my gf blazing and messing around
  11. we had one of the biggest drive ins near us, i went a couple of times but it shut down like 4 years ago or so
  12. There are still drive-ins? That is news to me.

    And yes they were pretty exciting 25 years ago when there wasn't much else to do in little bityy small hich towns except fool with the butter knife trying to make your 8-track tape player quit dragging.

    What's an 8-track, that was what we listened to recorded music on in cars before cassettes came out and long before CDs ever came into existence.
  13. 8 tracks were the thing back then! We thought we were the shit when we had an 8 track with decent speakers.. Cassets were even better..
  14. i have never been to one before, sounds like fun though, maybe its because they are not in my generation....
  15. i've never seen a drive in. I'd like to go to one, tho. You can't really smoke up and drink in theatres. But you do have to love the stadium seating at theatres.
  16. cool! i want a drive in, i wonder if there are any around me...what kind of movies do they play at the ones that still exist?
  17. I'm about to go see The Simpsons and Die Hard 4 w/ my girl at the Drive In's.. can't wait to smoke blunts while watching ;)
  18. Their is one about 45 minutes from where I live..Too far for me to drive...and a little too old to be still partying like I used to..hahahaha
  19. Your generation royally fucked us over. You guys had so many liberties, then you let the gov't rape us.

    Oh well. I guess the country is safer, but at a cost paid by the quality of its society.
  20. Wow, old thread.

    But, yea...Drive-ins are the shit. I haven't been to one in over 10 years. The last one I was at was in North Carolina. I remember seeing "The Rock" (Nick Cage movie) there. The first and only time I had been to a drive-in.

    Man, they had some cheap ass and GREAT food. Grilled burgers, hot-dogs, chili, it was awesome.

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