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  1. Hello all,

    New grower here.

    I have a drip system that i built and have a quick question.

    I have the pump set right now to its lowest setting so its pretty much a constant Slow stream.

    They question I have is how often should I be running the pump. So far Ive had it running 24/7 - should I turn it off when the lights are off? continue running it 24/7 - or should I run it more like an ebb and flow - having it run for 30 mins every hour or something.

    Another question I have is I noticed that my seedlings roots have grown through the growing medium and are making there way into the reservoir. Will this be a problem? Or should they just hang into the water?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Please help!

    I've looked everywhere and cant find anything on having the roots in the res.

    I'm sure there's at least 1 person on here that can help.
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    I am using the Drip system as well, and my roots found away into the reservoir. I believe that we need to buy something that makes our reservoir bubble, an AIRSTONE i believe, to aerate the roots that way they don't drown.

    But i am a first time grower and would like to hear that from someone a little experienced, someone please let us know
  4. I have several drip systems in use and have noticed that the two plants closest to the drain do get significantly larger quicker not noticed problems except i cant movve them or the roots tangle and plants droop. as for feed on a new mix of water i run it 30 on 30 off till my first top off then ii drop ppms and go constant on the cycle

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