drip feed liquid fert ??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FahkingStoned, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. After buying all sorts of nutes and questioning on here I think I might have found a decent nute. I have these drip feed ferts that you stick in the soil and leave for 30 days for flowering plants. I'm starting flowering tonight an planing on using these in a weeks time. The npk is: 4 20 10. will they be any good. I hear slow release is bad?????
  2. might help if you told us what it is.....:confused_2:
  3. I'm trying to upload pics but it says upload failed right now. Il get them posted soon as it lets me
  4. Il keep trying to upload the better pics but there's I link to what I got for now
  5. I bought a version of that on amazon no ferts.Idea was you screwed it on any 8 oz wtr bottle filled with wtr or whatever and upended and stuck in dirt and it would slowy water your plnts. Save your money and especially your time. It just doesn't work without major tinkering to get the flow rate right coming out the hole in the nozzel. The directions say if theres a problem with flow rate add a sponge to the bottle ! WTF! Read the reviews on amazon...this is a poor product and i would never trust it again for my gurls
  6. Well you just put the tip directly into the soil and water as normal. Depending on pot and plant size your ment to use two or three at once so I'm just going to start off with one and see how it goes. Could always do some math and just drip some into water to have a bit more control over it.

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