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Drinking when smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cannabis Cures, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Who here drinks alcohol when they're smoking? Drop your experiences or opinions on it!
  2. I always have a few glasses of Scotch while toking after work each day, and the occasional whisky. Bee
  3. When I'm drunk and high then light my cig I'm blasted.. It's a feeling..

  4. He took the words right out of my mouth.
  5. Ill smoke an drink but I learned I have to pick one to do more of than the other or the world is spinning way to soon then I go out like a lightweight.
  6. Just gets me on a level... I always smoke weed.. Having a drink isn't gonna make me stop lol
  7. Yeah that's a good way to put it. I just drank a bottle of champagne And smoked a bowl. I feel really good haha
  8. "I remember when i had my first beer." jk, but it use to give me the vortex spins. Build your tolerance!
  9. it's the best if you wait to smoke until you're hella drunk.
    i smoke all day. so it's hard to wait until i'm drunk. but if i do i fly.
    then a cig..
    yeah. good nights.
  10. Smoking is the only way to drink!

    Start off with a half pint or like 4-5 beer, take a few rips or smoke a joint, proceed to finish pint or another 4-5 beer (ok, maybe finish the 12 pack...).

    On my level.

    If you don't smoke daily though you'd damn well better smoke before drinking unless you wanna be staring at porcelain an hour later.
  11. #11 Beef4104, Dec 28, 2012
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    Well I pretty much smoke throughout the day. I'm not much of a drinker, although I throw keg parties every month or two and of course I keep smoking during those. Usually I just have a few glasses of wine while keeping the blaze going.
  12. I have had great experiences and terrible experiences. One time i mixed them just right and had the best feeling ever. Another time i mixed them i threw up all night and had the spins to the point i thought i was dying.
  13. its alright. i had to ride out a few rough hoots though. it felt like i had lost control of my body but i was chillin like a villian, still.
  14. My daily nightcap as follows, take 6 shots of various liqours( jager, absolut, etc) followed by 2 snaps of some dank, then proceed to bake X)
  15. I don't drink hard liquor when I'm toking because I like the full essence of my natural herb to be pure.
    I used to when I would go to parties but my relationship with ganga has changed.
    The best for me to drink is a smoothie of yogurt, mango, pineapple, strawberries, pomegranate, blue berries and coconut rum.
    I drink it with a glass of water on hand because it doesnt cure cotton mouth at all.
    The way the crisp, refreshing flavors blend together is great and the rum is kind of a fresh surprise.
    Idk. But Im too stoned to get my ass off the couch and make one. Life is so bittersweet.
  16. Well, that quick beer after I toke is nice to take the edge off, but once I get started...
  17. well, ive been doing various tests on this matter for the last few years, and heres my findings.

    you can start drinking after you smoke, but i find if im looking to get real drunk its better to start sober with a completely clean slate (when im stoned its a lot of energy to get drunk!) :laughing:

    smoking after you drink is great.....ANY TIME. but i find it will slow down the rest of my evening.

    a lot of friends/coworkers/family dont partake but do drink. ive tried to find a healthy balance with the two, but realize i have the most fun if i stick to having a few drink while oot n aboot, and waiting till im home at the end of the night to smoke myself silly :laughing:

  18. Dude smoothies are the shit! It's the fruity essence of mixing the best type of fruits creating a tropical blast in your mouth!

    Back to the tread, the last time I drank and blazed is when 4 Lokos were legal, Idk when I'm drunk, I tend to stay at a certain level and make sure if I ready for more.
  19. if im gonna do both i usually smoke, drink a couple brews, or some shots.

    But my main thing is i have to stop smoking after im shitfaced. Every time i know im gonna drink hard i tell myself dont smoke after cause ill always end up barfing or get the spins. But everyfucking time i get drunk i cant help it lol and the moment someone brings up the idea of smoking i jump at it.
  20. I love mixing weed and alcohol. In fact, I haven't smoked without drinking for a while. I prefer them together to either one on their own.

    There's just something about having a few beers and then lighting up a joint that makes my mouth water. :smoking:

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