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Drinking water while you're high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JakeMader, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Am I the only one that feels like drinking water while you're high is like, really trippy feeling? For some reason, when I drink the water, I can barely remember if I actually drank the water. Sounds stupid, but it's true! Does anyone else understand what I'm saying?
  2. Idk I'm high and drank some m and m's
  3. you're high right now, aren't you?
  4. I don't get a funny feeling, but I do with fizzy drinks. When I was a kid I used to gulp down milk after every puff because my throat was sore
  5. feeling
  6. I think I know what you mean. Like are you appose to hold the water in your mouth instead?
  7. No but I do drink some water whenever I smoke.
  8. Try ice water with a few slices of lemon in.

    ~WARNING: My English skills are directly linked to how high I am~
  9. Mine too and English is the only language I speak .
  10. Me too! I hope it's not so bad people figured other wise. Haha

    ~WARNING: My English skills are directly linked to how high I am~

  11. I completely understand what your saying. Youll just bottoms up and then by the end you dont remember actually drinking it.
  12. Man you ever see the back of a 20 dollar bill?

    You ever see the back of a 20 dollar bill on WEED?
  13. Lol no
  14. Lol lok
  15. Ice Cold water is excellent when high, but no I don't get a trippy feeling from it. Just a quenched thirst.
  16. by far the healthiest thing to drink is water...and plus it is healthy for you
  17. Burst out laughing. Brilliant.
  18. I drink water aswel often, i kind of understand. I'm understanding it as water is so neutral and easy when you drink it, its effortless and tasteless. Being such a background drink makes you forgot you drunk your drink.

    The rare occasion i get a fizzy, i sip it. I'm bad with juice, drank 2litrles passion and pinapple juice in about 30mins.


  19. and... it's healthy too!
  20. I can hardly drink anything high except for just feels so fulfilling. Whereas when I drink a soda or other sugary drink, it just feels artificial and gross.

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