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Drinking water to lower tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JuicyJanes, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Would drinking lots of water help you have a lower tolerance? I would assume so because your draining all the thc in your system. So my question is that if went a week wtihout smoking, would i be higher if i were to blaze after a week of drinking lots of water or will it even make a difference if i drink large amounts of water?
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    Unless you're trying to pass a drug test, there's no point. The only thing that lowers tolerance is time.
  3. Negative ghost rider
  4. Oh alright, yeah no drug test just seeing if drinking 8 cups a day would have benefits to my marijuana habits
  5. You should drink a lot anyway, it's good for you in all kinds of ways.
  6. Cannabis naturally dehydrates the body so drink plenty anyway!
  7. I don't think it does, but I FEEL like it does, if that makes sense.

    Okay, it doesn't make much sense. I mean I tell myself that it does, and maybe it's just because I never get enough water in the day to begin with, so when I hydrate, I feel better and more mobile. But I definitely seem to drink more water between sessions so I-dunno.
  8. double-posted. lakjdlfa
  9. No because tolerance has to do with your receptors in your brain, not the THC that is stored in your bodies fat, therefore it's impossible because you can't flush your brain with water.
  10. No no no you need lots of alcohol. It disolves the THC in your body NOT water. How else would a bong work?
  11. Tolerance exists because our cannabinoid receptors in our brain gets used to the THC and adapts...making it harder to get high over time. Once there's no more THC coming in, the receptors start gaining full functionality again (over time).
  12. I think this guy's got it right.

    I wouldnt do that. The only thing that the alcohol is gonna do to your body is get you fuked up.
    It wouldnt even dissolve THC in your body, mainly because its stored in your fat and its metabolised anyway.

    I think the solution is time. Wait it out and that will definately lower your tolerance.
  13. Yes, theoretically it would make SOME THC leave ur body quicker, but not much. cuz u would be urinating more frequently so more residue inside your "pipes" will get disattatched from certain areas inside your kidneys/bladder, but essentially THC sticks to ur body fat.

    remember- drinking too much water diluates urine tests, which means obv no THC is coming out so it's staying in ur body, which is cause ur kidneys are over flooded or however u wana say it and are jus focused on getn rid that excess fluid without takinf the time to cleanse it properly.

    also stay away from foods with lots of citric acids cuz the more acids ur body is tryna get rid of, the less THC acids it will focus on removing from ur body.

    hope this helps!:smoke:

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