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Drinking + Smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THCMaksMeHungry, May 24, 2010.

  1. Ok so the last two times I've smoked and drank (Hard A and Beer) Ive yakd hella hard for a long time. Its not cool. But when I only smoked and drank Beer, no hard A, i was fine but didn't get as drunk. Does this happen with anyone else? What do you suggest?
  2. yes this can happen

    why do you have a miley cyrus sig.
  3. I second the Miley Cyrus WTF.

    and it's probably because you mixed beer and "Hard A" :rolleyes:
  4. Dont be knockin miley shes hot as fuck and you know it.

    oh and i dont drink and smoke i get sick everytime.
  5. EDIT: was fucking blasted when i posted this
  6. Miley Cyrus really? Lol it dnt matter

    I've only smoked and drank once in my life and it was a disaster

    I drank like 30 beers, smoked like 10 joints and eveything else people wer passing around, drank some vodka with XO's and some other shit in it

    it ended up ugly! I never did it afterthat because I ended up telling a guy friend I loved him and saw random pictures people had taking while I was fucked up and vomiting

    drinking+smoking= no!

    Only smokin for me :) :smoking:
  7. Smoked when I was drunk the other night, it always seems like a good idea at the time but then I get the spins and pass out promptly. Used the same bowl to cure my hangover the next day though.
  8. wow really all of you?

    personally im NOT gettin drunk with out gettin high before during and after...never has weed changed wether i yak or not when drinking...i just smoke all the way through...
  9. this. whenever i drink without smoking i always feel shitty.

    and if you have a hangover without weed your fucked.
  10. hangovers are a thing of the past for me, guys just drink a bottle of water before u pass out and ull feel like a million bucks the next morning. of course there are the fiew ocasions when im to plastered and just pass out without the water bottle trick, nothing a lil weed wont fix the next morning.
  11. You just gotta learn how to pace yourselves. If you be tryin to chug the hard to kill the cotton mouth, shit'll fuck you up fast. If you put the weed away for a bit, sip on that hard until you're good and wasted then bick on it for a while and then smoke some you're gonna come right back up and be spinnin, but not spinnin too hard.

    It's like the perfect spin.

    Like when goldilocks chugged like papa bear she was spinnin too damn hard. When she sipped like mama bear, not enough. But when she drank like baby bear? JUST GOD DAMN RIGHT NIKKA
  12. its cuz your high so you drink more of your drink, if your drink is beer its less alcoholic so you need more till you puke then a drink with hard A
  13. Welcome to my signature.
  14. Not only is that obvious bullshit, it just doesn't make you cool.
    Just stupid =/
  15. you drank 30 beers whats wrong with you, im calling bullshit.

    and if its true than your saying drinking and smoking is bad for the worst reason ever lol. you shouldnd drink 30 beers it wont matter how much you smoke lol
  16. I know people who can drink 30 beers. When I was just 16 I split a 30 pack with one of my friends. If I could do that at that age I'm sure anyone older who drinks often and has a tolerance (like the one I've lost over years since then) could do it.
  17. I really can't see anyone (who's not an alcoholic) tipping back 30 beers plus hard alc. I feel like without an insane tolerance you would die before that, but maybe not...who knows
  18. #18 deadbolt123, May 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 24, 2010
    im probably not the first person to call this out, but dude 30 beers AND some hard alcohol?

    you must drink a shit ton! :eek:

    EDIT: to make this relevant, I always smoke whenever I drink if I have the option. I've never really gotten that sick from it either, I've been a little nauseous before but I've never actually thrown up.
  19. Oh, I didn't take the time to read the original post so I didn't know there was hard alcohol involved. My friends uncle drinks a 30 a day some days. I played 24 games of doubles beer pong a few weeks ago when I was smoking, but I lost count of how many beers that is.
  20. 24 games of doubles beer pong? Maybe 5 beers, who knows. Your friends uncle is obviously an alcoholic though.

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