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drinking + smoking = throw up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zkfltmxkf, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. so im not jus a pot smoker. im an alcoholic pot smoker... but i never smoked and drink before.
    i heard if i smoke and drink.. or drink and smoke, its gonna cause me to throw my guts up. true ? :O

    and im outta weed, AT FRIDAY NIGHT D=
  2. oh yeah, if you get crunk, it will be hard not to puke, well for me.
  3. happens to me as well i usually puke more than once if i drink and smoke
  4. Its pretty easy to get crunk and high. At parties I drink and smoke at the same time, theres nothing better than a cold beer or mixed drink to sip on while your waitin for the blunt to be passed your way.
  5. I used to throw up everytime i drank, but i cured it by quitting drinking and smoking more dank. :D
  6. i actually usually dont puke when i smoke and drink (compared to just drinking) and ive actually read something on this forum about weed if anything making you less likely to puke or at least lowers nausea. But ive heard of people puking from straight weed to so who knows?:confused_2:
  7. The possibility of puking is definitely heightened, just know your limit and don't over do it and you'll be fine.
  8. theres a thin line between a good time and a case of the spins..
  9. dude i do that ALL THE FUCKING TIME
    its fun

  10. I would say it depends on how much you drink. I've drink/smoked A LOT of times and I've never seemed to throw up unless it was because I had too much alcohol.
    I guess it depends on people too though, so try it if you're comfortable with it :hello:
  11. Bang. Weed and alcohol act in a synergistic manner, meaning one amplifies the other. I always have better luck if I drink what i want, then smoke for the rest of the night, and no more drinking. Bad results if i mix them :(
  12. Agreed with this. I usually start with drinking, then smoke later but then again I usualy want to drive home so I'd rather be stoned than drunk at the end of a party but thats just how I roll.

  13. same here, I usually start with drinking and then once i have a good ass buzz i would proceed to get blown outta my mind...Doesnt make me throw up though :confused:. Around here if someone was at a party or somthing and drank and then smoked and puked. They would be made fun of for being a light weight
  14. idk depends if i smoke before, during, or after drinking...and if i was drinking beer or hard shit.
  15. If ur a bitch.
  16. I'm with everyone who said smoking after drinking. I nearly always smoke at the end of a night of lots of drinking. I'm gone from there on every time and it usually kills any drinking nausea I have. (Hands down best hangover cure, too) But I wouldn't recommend going back to drinking afterwards.
  17. I will never drink alchy and smoke weed at the same time....not since that night I did. Threw up everywhere in somebody's basement.
  18. I'd definitely say drink first.. presuming you don't want the spins.
  19. the other nie i smoked a heap and took a few lines and got drunk and the next mornin when i calmed down i got a bit sick but ya will feel better if ya get sick anyway. best nie of me life though sum buzz when ya mix everything
  20. Depends on how well you can hold both your alcohol and your weed. I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking, but can smoke all night long. If your doing both in incredible excess you'll puke. But know that it's mostly the booze making you puke, more than the weed.

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