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Drinking smoke? Interesting find.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeRideDie420, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So me and a bud last night were bored and about to light up, but for some reason i felt like going to get a glass i had in the freezer for some reason which i dont remember now. Anyway, i went and got it, we lit up and i blew some smoke in it to see what would happen, and it kinda just stayed in the glass(Some flowed over), but when you tried to "drink" the smoke, it worked really well and it was pretty wicked watching it on a video. Has anyone else tried this before?
  2. Dude that sounds awesome as hell you should post the video
  3. I'll get my friend to email me the video after work and ill post it when i get home. I suggest trying it to anyone that hasn't, its pretty wicked.
  4. Yeah dude!! I took a sick Genessee(sp?) Beer mug and got a sick picture.

    We were smoking a blunt so i just took a huge inhale like i was gunna French Inhale, but I just like lobbed the smoke into the glass and the picture looks soooo badass
  5. I've done it before. Didn't work so well, because the glass didn't freeze properly for some reason, but it was pretty cool.
  6. Gotta try this sometime. Thanks for the info!
  7. No prob man. Happy to give new things for people to try.
  8. i heard about this about 5yrs ago from a coworker he called it snowball. I used actual snow to freeze the glass worked excellent :)
  9. those are awesome ive done them before.
    Except I used a frozen A&W mug, it worked very well

    around here we like to call them frosty tokes
  10. its called a milkshake

    yoo toob it

    [ame=""]YouTube - SMOKE SHAKE[/ame]
  11. Yeah this is a pretty old trick... its actually in skunk magazine Volume 4 Issue 6 ... i have never tried it myself but in the magazine they use a straw to blow the smoke into the glass ..

    EDIT : Skunk magazine also called them frosties
  12. I remember hearing about this before, that's really cool.
    Do you actually drink the smoke or do you inhale it from the glass??
  13. ya this is pretty cool to do i did it by
    filling up a small bucket with ice, placing a glass in it and a cd over the glass
    blow smoke or shotgun into the cd hole and then cover it with your finger letting it cool
    then drink:smoking:
  14. I've been meaning to try this for the longest time but I didn't know how it was done, I had just seen it in videos.

    Thanks for the post!
  15. I had thought that this was common knowledge...
  16. hahahahha nice nice never thought about this, i am gonna try tonight. peace

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