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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dangle, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. k so this isnt exactly what your thinking.

    i think anyway.

    yeah so basically i have a drinking problem. well, im not entirely sure i guess but im pretty close to 93% sure (well something around there plus or minus 1.5% or something).

    anyway ill just come right out and say it. when i have to go
    take a shit drunk i always end up in the bathroom again later bexuase my asscrack is still shitty. its like, dude, couldn't i figure it out the first time?

    i was wondering if anone else has a similar issue. basially whaen i smoke it always happens. well com e to think of it ive never smoked (well in this past year i guess) without taking a drink as well. typically malibu or vodka or someting. anyway (if you cant tell im drunk) none of the club bud around here is good for crossfading with. no im not an alcoholic. i prefer to take dxm.
  2. cool story, bro.

    one thing's for sure, your ass definitely needs help. :bongin: :laughing:

  3. you know what i really need help with?

    why does this topic say 0 views byut have a response?
  4. i'll drink to that
  5. great man! what are ya sippin on tonight?
  6. Some el jimador tequila reposado



    actually i bought it there for cheap, don't go to ensenada it blows donkey tits.

    trying to put myself to sleep, took a round of adderall today around 15 hours ago for the first time in about 6 months to study. I'm still speedin, I think 30mg XR is a bit too much for me :(
  7. is aderall basically liquid meth in a capsule? one of my friends deals.

    nice tequila! yah i've just been downing fuckin vodka all night and freestyling. want something interesting to check out?

  8. Basically. If i had a script, i would probably abuse the shit out of it. My only access is to huge doses of XR (i get them for free) and i don't half them. So I feel like i'm on coke but for way longer whenever I do it, lmao.

    and that thread is fucking hilarious man, i could read that shit all day. only when i'm fucked up though.
  9. oh not that coke shit. loserkid420 does it. his posts just absolutely reek of it. anyway, feel free to battle me. im super drunk so it shouldn't be too hard to be at my level man/

    dude you are a chill mofo. but you've seriously never had the crack of your ass be shitty when drinking?
  10. yeah i've only ever done coke once. I really only smoke alot. About an eighth a week, which is crazy cause before I joined this forum i never heard of people smoking eights a DAY. You must be getting some diarrhea laced weed.

    lol no man can't say I have lmao. wiping is pretty automatic. shower or not; drunk or high; today or tomorrow. The one time in my life i threw up from alc it was projecticle explosion of gin and margaritas that gave a 50 year-old passed out sweaty metalhead the bath of his life. I guess that's pretty gross.

    who's dick do i have to suck to be able to fall asleep? lady gaga's? fuck no.
  11. i bet youd get tired trying to freestyle man. oh theres a thread about sucking dick for money in relationships. not really sure what it has to do with relationships thoug.

    hey man, have you ever taken dxm? oh i was going to tell you i got my nuts sucked once. first and last time.\

    you know what really sucks? i got hiv
  12. nah man i've never done dxm.

    i don't know which sucks more...only getting your dick sucked once or having hiv?
  13. how about both at once? obviously that's where i got hiv. what a lying trick. god will forgive her though so i did too. she hopefullywill die first but thats just cause i love life.
  14. damn that is brutal. hey man you never know it's 2009 maybe someone will find a cure. But i doubt it, if a cheap aids cure came out the government wouldn't let it get out cause in their eyes it's population control for the blacks.
  15. damn how did you know i was black?

    im somalian
    dude im gonna pass out. tLlk to you tomorrow?
  16. peace brother
  17. bump. seriously no one else has this problem?
  18. I have drinking binges every so often every year. This summer I drank a pint or a 5th every night during summer classes. It got so bad I woke up and had sharp pains all in my kidneys all day and I even shat myself a couple of times on the college campus. Your shitting becomes pissing pretty much. I was having to shit like 15 times a day and couldn't control my gas, etc etc. That's when I stopped drinking heavy for the 3rd time in my life and I rarely drink anymore. Just a few beers here and there.
  19. damn definitely worse shit than me, and im at about two fifths per day now.
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