Drinking on MDMA

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  1. Now, i know generally you arent supposed to drink with using mdma (ecstacy) because it de-hydrates you and you could possibly die. But once again, my only source for that info is just a government issued Side effects sheet.

    so basically my question is.

    can you drink before using E? While using E?

    Just before and stick to water while on it?

    If i do drink on it how much should i limit myself to (210lbs)
  2. Eh, I wouldn't do it, I don't think it's too great of an idea.
  3. dude...there is serously a post of exactly this same fuckin question, probably on page 1 still
  4. ya i remember answering this question for someone a few days ago. just search it out in this forum homie. you came to the right spot now exploreeeee.
  5. why would you even want to? If you're doing legit E you're going to feel fucking amazing, smoke weed with it instead :p
  6. first time i did xtc i drank a 26 between 3 people and popped 2 blue aliens.
    second time, i drank a 40 between me and my buddy and, ended up eating/snorting 12 green aliens.
    third time i drank a 60 between 3 people and popped 2 pure capsules of MDA and snorted one.
    ...im ok....
  7. its not even worth the risk dude cause ur gunna be feelin amazin already
  8. def smoke pot.
    as long as you know your limits you'll be fine to drink, just remember to drink water too.
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    i drank enough that i had a nice buzz going from the alcohol along with the molly and lucy i had taken and it was great, but i was drinking a lot of water too. i wouldnt drink a lot if i were you. too much and i would think it would just take away from the e, but a little shouldnt be dangerous as long as plenty of water is drank too. i always had a bottle or some container of water with me and would fill it up every chance i had, i get dehydrated easily so its not something i wanted to risk.
  10. how were the green aliens? i used to have 105 of those...
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    lol dude...seriously i want u to keep on doing what ur doing...cuz ur dumb as fuck lol...one of these days it will fuck you over big time...its stupid motherfuckers like u that keep drugs having a bad rep...u probly had bunk pills and were just too drunk to notice that they didnt work lol

    2 reasons why u shudnt do it:

    1. mdma and alcohol dehydrates u a lot...u need to drink waayyyy more water than booze to stay safe and hydrated enough
    2. mixing uppers and downers is also very stupid...can u say OD???

    seriously ur already completely fucked up on xtc anyways...why mix it with alcohol when ur seriously not gonna feel a lot
  12. i drank once after i camedown from X but i wouldnt recomend it

  13. I thought about putting this in my sig.

    One day, One day.
  14. my friends drink like fish when they roll.
    they drink like fish when they're not rolling too, though.

    you're gonna be rolled over enough, why add a hangover on top?

    i can't even fathom doing shots while rolling. hard liquor is the last thing i want to taste while being rolly.
  15. speedballing is also VERY dangerous...
    how're you going to tell someone that drinking on MDMA has no risk at all...
    dumbest shit ive heard in awhile

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