Drinking on an empty stomach.....

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  1. Ow. Well, I had about 6 double shots of Crown Royal and then drank a 6 pack of Smirnoff. That shit was horrible and I had to go outside to puke after drinking it. but when I was done, I cam back in and had lots more beers(I counted over 10). But, I had not eaten anything at all yesterday so I was fairly sure I was gonna have a problem keeping it down. But now I haven't eaten anything today either, so i gotta eat. Thats like 36 hours with no food. but there aint shit to eat hereand im pissed off! asnd I'm out of weed AND out of cigarettes and I smoked all my resin yesterday.
  2. ya well Lacey sucks.

    Thats why you go party in Tumh20.

  3. Ha, Lacey is good if you want meth or coke though hahaha. But Tumwater is great for parties too. I also got punched in the neck yesterday for telling a girl she had a pornstar name, but not a pornstar body.
  4. i get sick everytime i drink on empty stomach, well atleast everytime i have more then a couple

  5. ya dude lacey is the place to go if you want that hard shit. but tumwater has got some good dank and in my opinion a less sketchy place haha.
  6. Yeah, most of Lacey pretty much turned into a shithole in the last ten years. but i live in a good neighborhood so i dont see anything going on around my house.
  7. such bullshit
    your telling me you had 12 shots of 80 proof whiskey
    a 6 pack of smirnoff ice
    and 10 beers

    ya you would be in the hospital if you could even get yourself to drink that much
  8. . . . means u don't drink as much

    sux though that u puked

    at least u where fucked up
  9. When I drink on an empty stomach I just don't get hungry for the night..Alcohol=Not hungry.
  10. Thats exactly what I'm telling you, and it's 100% true. One thing that made a difference though is that I PUKED. Meaning the smirnoff I had in me came out.
  11. shiiiiiiitttttt, i also smoke when i drink so my experience isnt purely alcohol but beer + weed = a whole nother level of munchies
  12. yea but when you puke thats your liver get this shit out of me and then refill it with more booze(which i dont even know about cuz ive never kept drinking after i got sick)your prolly gonna puke again after 5 or 6 maybe more but you will most likely get sick again
  13. Im with you on that one Johnny unless I eat a meal a few hrs before I drink ill puke off just a few drinks.
  14. why the fuck would you keep drinking after you puked
    that reminds me of high school when it was some dumb bitches first time drinking and she drinks til shes dead
  15. I had 2 tallcans of Mickeys on an empty stomach this morning, and caught a pleasant buzz.

    It's not healthy though, fucks up your gut after awhile. My gut is fucked from drinking, I'm only 22 and I get heartburn worse than anyone I know.

    Try to get a bit of grub in your gut before you drink.
  16. Because after I puked I was barely drunk. I didn't puke because of too much alcohol, I puked because of too much cold liquid entering my stomach at once. As soon as I had finished drinking the Smirnoffs, I knew I was gonna pule later so I went outside and smoked until i did puke and then went back inside and drank some more. I did not puke again or even fell like it.

    BTW, I call shens on you actually knowing any chicks
  17. :laughing:....

    I'll be real honest, i don't like you too much patent, but I like you a HELL of a lot more than Rasta Mon.

    That shit was funny. haha.

    I'd positive rep you if I could... I'll send you some Pos rep eventually for it.

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    are you fucking serious dude? you must not be experianced at drinking at all.

    yea, patents not to bad of a dude, hes not on my good side nor my bad side, hes kind of neutral, lol rasta wo man
  19. Uhmm.. I drink that much when I party.

    It takes 5 shots in an hour, on average, to make you drunk enough to be over the legal limit to drive.

    If you party for a night usually 4 or 5 hours you'll be drinking 20-25 shots JUST to stay drunk.

    So therefore I call bullshit on you for not knowing what the hell you're talking about.

  20. Haha what? Are you serious?

    That's NOTHING.

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