Drinking on a Sunday?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeytheburr, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Currently im pouring about 4 or 5 shots of everclear. Just because its cheap and fucks your shit up. Is that immoral? Its almost 4:20 and i dont have bud so this is the next best thing. :p.

    Everclear is the shit too. It makes my liver cry for joy... or pain idk which yet.
  2. You're going to hell bro. Sorry. :(
  3. Nothing wrong wit drinkin on the sabbath, but Ever Clear?

    Why not try some good whiskey or something.
  4. i wanted to drink today since im leaving to job corp on tuesday

    if i drink cheap shit i drink dimitri lol
  5. Ew.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking away an afternoon (especially at the weekend), but how can you enjoy that nasty shit? It's so much nicer to relax with a load of beers, preferably down the local pub.
  6. Just arranging to grab another bag then I'll be drinkin beers, having bong rips, and watching Freaks and Geeks.
  7. i wouldnt pour 4-5 shots of everclear right away...i'd chill with some alch...

    sounds more fun than my sunday though.

  8. Exactly! I was gonna say "cheap" whiskey though. I've been sippin some Evan Williams for a few hours.

    Somebody once told me Sunday meant "relax" in Spanish.

    I just made that up.
  9. i never understood why sunday was the sabbath.. didn't god rest on the 7th day? which is saturday.. anyways, im drinking some red stripe right now. my soul would leave my body forever if i drank everclear..
  10. because everclear is 20 bucks for a bottle and it only takes 3 shots to get drunk so they last fucking forever. I dont mind the taste either I've had some way worse shit.
    Beer makes my stomach hate me though.
    and i like getting drunk quick. I skip the buzzing lol
  11. SHOTS of straight everclear? you dont play around bub.:eek:

    When I get shit faced, I can barely handle a few shots of of 151.

    I much prefer throwin down a few heinekens/budweisers/whatever in the span of 30 minutes.
  12. Its really not as bad as people make it out to be.

    Green dragon is worse than straight everclear in my opinion. The bud taste fucks up my throat. But i love how I feel for the rest of the day basically.

    As long as you have a chaser any alcohol is possible.
  13. If you can dream it, do it!

    I see nothing wrong with it, unless it royally screws up responsibilities.

    Although I'd go with beers and/or whiskey myself. But to each his own man. No hatin' here! :D

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