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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheRealCesarG, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Hey guys I'm a new guy here I just joined this forum and I have this question that I been searching for all over the internet but I can't seem to find anything.

    Does drinking juice or other liquids for example water decrease your high?

    So we all know supposedly eating kills your high right I admit it does kill my high and I think it's due to the satisfaction of one of the symptoms of cannabis which is "munchies". I think for me since it's an effect and I "satisfy" it that I feel less high.

    So I have an Arizona mucho mango drink (I know there's little to no myrcene I just love this drink) and I wanted to drink some while I took some pipe rips but I'm not sure if it will "take my high away" at the same time. I have chips and other munchies too but for later cuz I have more weed and I might smoke some more bowls to make up the lost high when I eat (my plan is to smoke a few bowls then chill for an hour or more then eat then smoke again then sleep) but I have a little amount of weed so I don't want to waste weed while I'm drinking so do juice drinks decrease your high or is it only food ?
  2. I really don't think so.
  3. lol do not eat or drink after smoking. Your stomach will growl badly and your throat will be parched. All this because you did not want it to take away your high. Just smoke more ffs. Thats what i do
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  4. I'm choosing to eat cuz I got some gdp and that shit got my munchies to the top and I didn't ask for an opinion I asked if JUICE KILLS YOU your high like FOOD
  6. Too many questions kills my high.
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  7. Juice does not kill my high. I like to ride my high with some oj or milk and sugar. Food can kill it for me but juice is safe...I think. Consult others as you are currently doing to determine the answer. I'm not making fun of you either I like juice. I like grape juice, I like apple juice and oj and others too...

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  8. I tend to talk more or write more when stoned and think stupid shit lmao
    Just decided to ask
  9. THC bonds to FAT. So long as your juice doesn't contain fat then you should be in the clear.

    The only time water is going to bring down your high is when your high (and it's level) was based partially off dehydration...which is NOT good. Stay hydrated...your body will thank you.

    Mucho mango has a large amt of carbs/fat iirc though would to some extent, definitely a great high drink though.

    Milk is a solid high killer...high in fat. At the same time it's unique to the individual, a nice glass of milk could make you feel great and even out less active THC. Just like eating bringing down a high...the satisfaction may be worth it.
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  10. Eating brings down a high? I've never heard of this nor felt this myself. And I tend to eat a lot of fatty food when I'm high... Like a starved animal, crazed with a blood thirst for pizza with French fries on it and subway sandwiches...
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  11. Just LOVVVVVEEEE it when people disagree without stating why. Completely unproductive.
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  12. Such an original idea. Funny that Straincentral said that exact thing in a weed myths video.

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  13. Big fat OJ makes me feel higher tbh. And eating sour things. Its addictive when you baked
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  14. Running out of weed also kills my high.
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  15. Whoosh man you can't talk to grasscotty like that he's the real OG on here and you sound like you've been smoking for a week

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  16. But no not at all for me, never has

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  17. no it does not. it quenches my thirst
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  18. U know I watched that video and I didn't remember him saying that. I was high so it must've just sparked in my mind lol
  19. Nah I been smoking since around October 2015 just never seen anybody address this question
  20. Idk man just enjoy shit I love eating and drinking stuff while I'm baked it might bring down my high a bit but it tastes so gooooood

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