DRINKING cough syrup question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by gregysaurusrex, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i have an old bottle of codeine cough syrup. its a little less then 1/4. is it enough to get me somewhere?
  2. definitely. chug that mofo or make some lean. i would just make some lean
  3. make some lean? i dont understand this lingo..
  4. Take a teaspoon of it. Put it in a cup. Pour some soda in it. And drink.
  5. oh okayy. so this is gonna get be feelin pretty good right?
  6. Yeah syrup is a very relaxing and chill drug to take.
  7. How come i've never thought of doing that?thats such a good idea :D i've drank probably 2 full bottles of that stuff straight.though not all at the same time.
  8. I loooooove lean. :]]

    I would do it everyday, if not for lack of having a refillable prescription just handed to me when I please.

    But yeah, it has one hell of an amazing feeling.
  9. so put a couple teaspoons in my can of soda and im golden?
  10. Don't drink zzzzzirup its bad for you.
  11. You want to get at least 60-100 mg of codeine in your system to get a good buzz (this is assuming you don't have an opiate tolerance). And it makes very little difference whether this is done by mixing it with soda or drinking the syrup straight.

    Also, you should consider using an opiate potentiator such as diphenhydramine or even grapefruit juice to make the high stronger / last longer. If you have any promethazine lying around, that works best. The diphenhydramine/promethazine also helps reduce the itching.

    Lastly, once you feel the high starting to fade, smoke up and it'll put you back in that golden zone. You can smoke the whole time if you want, but some prefer the opiate buzz on its own rather than the combination.

  12. Yea if you have a cold it will stop the symptoms for a little bit. Why would you drink cough syrup good god.

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