Drinking Cooking Wine?

Discussion in 'General' started by FloatOn77, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Hey, this is an odd question and no I don't plan on drinking cooking wine. But I'm not a big drinker, I definatley don't know much at all about wines. I was curious if anybody knew if drinking cooking wine to get drunk is dangerous? Just a curious question

  2. cooking wine is just cheap wine that way people dont feel bad for using a like $20 bottle to make some kind of sauce
  3. just drink md 20/20s

  4. hah so true man. i think it should have the least alco anyway because it evaporates so whats the point of beefing it up :hello:
  5. Oh man, those are NASTY. Bought one by accident once...anything with "bling bling" on the label...just stay away!!

    About the cooking wine, if you're talking about the kind that is in the grocery store...that has salt added to it since it's only supposed to be for cooking. I've never tried it, but my guess is that it would taste pretty rank.
  6. in high school, for spanish class, i had to do a cooking project once that involved brandy. Got completely smashed b/c the people in my group dared me to drink quite a bit before we started. it was the shittiest flan ever, but it was so fun to make. I suggest recipes with brandy....good stuff. best project EVER. make something you get to flame. it's fun lighting stuff on fire, especially when cooking

    no experience with cooking wine, but regular wine will get you messed up, obviously. fun every so often to get a good bottle and hit up a party with it....get crunk with style

    edit: duh, look to see the alcohol content!! beer is between 5 and 10% i think on average. hard alcohol gets crazy, i think up to 50%? plz don't bash if that's wrong, just a stoned guess lol
  7. Hard (grain alcohol) is sold up to 90%. Everclear, for example. Legal in most states.
  8. Illegal in VA.:mad:
  9. I bought some everclear yesterday :D

    (Im in va)
  10. Also illegal here in MI.

  11. And beer on average is usually 3% to 6%. Most common beers around 5%.
  12. Everclears the bomb I remember being fourteen and getting smashed off it at a park behind a YMCA.
  13. everclear is awesome i love it.. not as much as i love weed tho :smoking:
  14. everclear is illegal in PA unless you have special premission like my inorganic/organic chem teacher
  15. theres 2 different proofs of everclear...only the higher one is illegal here

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