Drinking by myself

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeUntilBroke, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Usually i do it with friends, but i dont have any bud tonite. anyone else ever drink alone? also wat r some fun things to do when drunk?
  2. I don't drink alcohol a lot and never by myself. I mean, i would imagine that it sucks being drunk and alone.
  3. its awesome lol

    just surf the internet listen to some tunes watch some tv and drink. u cant go wrong
  4. I could use a brew.
    Then again, I'm not in the mood to drink myself into a stupor.

    who else likes to toke up by themselves? i know i do :)
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    Pretty sure more then 90% of this site does, I know I do also. :D
  6. I smoke, i drink, i do my thing,im living in my own world.
    And if they hate i let them , who gives a fuccccccck.
  7. I never drink alone, and I rarely drink with friends. Makes me feel like complete shit.
  8. I've done it a few times, but only when I'm playing PS3 online with my friends (who are usually drunk as well:laughing: ). Otherwise, I'll just stay sober if I'm out of weed.

    Not that that matters at all anymore anyways, since I've quit pretty much every recreational drug in existence. I mean, I'll still smoke weed, but I won't go out of my way to get it anymore.
  9. I use to drink alone, not that often but more then people should. Made me feel like complete shit, so I don't do it anymore.

  10. kid cudi!
  11. I always drink alone.. Well, not really... sometimes I drink with george.. :D

  12. I don't usually drink, but I enjoy drinking alone if I'm in the mood. Not shitfaced though...
  13. Lol drinking alone doesn't make you feel like shit... These kids need to stop caring about what society thinks. That is what they're talking about; they think drinking alone labels them as alcoholics so they just say they don't like doing it. LOL! Pathetic.

    If they were real dealin then they would say hell yeah I love alcohol, alone or socializing.
  14. Bu then again, alcohol is definitely a social drug. Much like MDMA. I mean, it's fun to do them alone, but it's much more fun doing them with others. It's not like weed where (in my experiences) being alone or with a small group of good friends is much more comfortable. :smoke:
  15. Here's a fun drinking game to play:

    Play Call of duty or some other competive game and take a shot every time you die.
  16. Usually just have a sly drink on my own never hit it hard kinda seems like a waste really
  17. Well, DOD:S (GAME) is a great community here in Oz, WAD servers are so much fun to get drunk on!
  18. I also love being buzzed on TF2. I never try to get drunk alone but buzzeeeeedddddd feels good ya see? Yelling and shit on Team Fortress is sooo fun just find an alltalk server
  19. [quote name='SmokeUntilBroke']Usually i do it with friends, but i dont have any bud tonite. anyone else ever drink alone? also wat r some fun things to do when drunk?[/QUOTE]

    i talk to myself when im drunk and alone,,,,,

    but drinking alone isnt bad,,,,,,

    now when you have sex and your alone,,,,, THAT SUCKS,,,,:p

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