Drinking Bong Water

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  1. Lol I thought it was going to be you playing a trick on him, but he seemed willing as fuck to drink that.
  2. I'd be embarrassed if that was my friend.
  3. omg im dying laughing, its ok i did it too when i first started cause someone told me the water had thc in it
  4. hahaha dammn, I have also drank water from the bong, obviously not on purpose. Never gotten sick because of it though hahaha. 
  5. It was actually very simple to convince him to do it, I recorded a part two of him nearly throwing up on his floor right after. All we had to say was "Yo dude its going to get mad views
  6. whats the next video?
    bong water enema :laughing:
  7. HAHA! Thats hilarious.
    Damn, drank some myself before. At least it was grape juice we used for the bong that time though. 
    One drunken night we convinced our buddy to drink a big ol' cup of greasy bong water I had been saving in the bong for a good 3 months. Still have a video of that somewhere. 
  8. What possesses people to do this kind of stuff, makes bud smokers look like idiots. I guess I could understand if someone paid him to do it on a dare or a bet or something. GOOOD GOD there is no effect besides upsetting your stomach and having horrible breathe.,
  9. I really don't understand how he was able to even put it down. The tube was too raunchy for me to even want to smoke. He claims he got "turnt up"
  10. Lol I was going to say don't drink it until I saw you made someone else do it. I thought it was going to be a nooby thread "Deoz bong wator get me highg? whut? LOLOLOL"
    He must be jack ass fan from the way he introduced the video.
  11. Bong water doesnt even taste that bad unless it was really old. When it's "fresh" its like mineral water. After it ferments it smells like weed farts and is gross. 
    Fucking people. Unbelievable. Lmao. WTF.
  13. lmao, never tried it myself.  At least on purpose, I've had the occaisional too-much-water-in-the-bong splashback but that's about it.
  14. I thought this thread would be something else. OP delivered. OP did he get any money or anything for that?
  15. Lmfao! hahahaha man said weed farts.
  16. reminds me of some nasty after morning dares
  17. Oh god that makes me shudder. Hope it was at least fresh bong water. lol 
  18. He received no money from this rofl, I promised him YouTube fame. And this water was far from fresh lol. Made me gag to even smell it
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    drinking bong water is disgusting!   the worst drinking dare Ive observed was someone drinking a dip spit can/bottle.    WARF!*pukes*
    dip= moist smokeless tobacco

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